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Salt Lake City, UT


Brigham Young University


Travel credit cards, Rewards credit cards, Cash back credit cards

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Luthi Media LLC


  • 6 years of experience covering personal finance and travel for various online publications and websites, including U.S. News, Experian, Credit Karma,, Bankrate and Nav.
  • Ben has earned tens of thousands of dollars in free travel through credit card rewards.
  • Ben has worked as a staff writer for NerdWallet and Student Loan Hero.


Ben Luthi is a freelance personal finance and travel writer. He began his career in financial services working as an intern for Northwestern Mutual. He then worked in banking and auto finance while writing on the side, before becoming a staff writer for NerdWallet. While there, Ben also provided consumers with personalized financial advice through the company's mobile app and live chat feature.

After leaving NerdWallet, Ben spent more than a year as a staff writer for Student Loan Hero, before becoming a full-time freelance writer and a part-time traveler, spending more than a month out of the year exploring new places.


Ben Luthi received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a Finance emphasis, and a minor in German from Brigham Young University.

Quote from Ben Luthi

"I believe in the power of experiences over things and using money to buy freedom and flexibility."