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If you want to sell people their next great furniture piece, love the thrill of a fast-paced auction, or just learn how to talk really fast, you might consider going to Auctioneer school. These courses will give you the background and skills to shine at any auction. While there aren’t many auctioneering classes available online, there are plenty of in-person regional courses in different states and most teach similar curriculums.

You’ll learn about how to call bids, the different types of auctions, and how to deal with legal matters. Since licenses to become an auctioneer are different by state, it’s recommended that you are a resident of the state you’re taking the class, so you can receive the most up-to-date information on your state’s specific laws, and eventual auctioneering exam.

The 5 Best Online Auctioneer Courses of 2022

Best Overall Course : America’s Auction Academy

America’s Auction Academy

America’s Auction Academy

If you live in or are willing to travel to Dallas, Texas, this 83-hour course is a great option. You will learn how to conduct auctions and operate an auction company. Additionally, you'll focus on initiating dealer contact, marketing, set-up, settling, contracting, collecting sales tax, management skills development, and more. Practical skills like developing your own auction chant, learning the history of the profession and how to breathe correctly when chanting, and even how to overcome stage fright, are just a handful of knowledge you'll gain from this course.

From livestock to bankruptcy, America's Auction Academy will set you up for a career in all types of auctions. For eight days, you’ll be in class from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., with the exception of Fridays where you'll be dismissed early at 6 p.m. If you’re not a Dallas native you can lodge right near the academy. For those worrying about the intensive nature of the courses, you do get an hour-long lunch break and a 10-minute break each hour. The course costs $1,895.

Best Pricing Options : Western College of Auctioneering’s Entry Level Course

Western College of Auctioneering

Western College of Auctioneering

Based out of Bozeman, Montana, the Western College of Auctioneering provides 85 hours of instruction. The hybrid format combines onsite learning with online learning. Students will master the ins and outs of bid calling along with 14 different kinds of auctions, like Charity and Fundraising and Heavy Equipment. The rest of the course will be spent on the nuts and bolts of auctioneering, ranging from laws and licensing to advertising.

An advantage of this course is its tiered pricing. For previous WCA students, there's a refresher course available for $250. And there’s a $375 package that just covers online-only auctions. The Western College of Auctioneering's basic course is $1,995,

Best Support Post-Attendance : Continental Auctioneers School

Continental Auctioneers School

Continental Auctioneers School

For $1,490, you’ll receive five intensive days of instruction at the Iowa-based Continental Auctioneers School that offers similar coursework to the aforementioned ones, in less time and for less money. Learn step-by-step how to set up and conduct any auction, from legality to bid calling. On the fifth day, students end the week by participating in a practice auction.

But what’s best about the program is that students have access to instructors after graduation. Classes are held at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Mason City is a short commute from the local municipal airport.

Best Comprehensive Course : World Wide College of Auctioneering

World Wide College of Auctioneering

World Wide College of Auctioneering

With its week-long Bid Calling and Business Auctioneer training courses, Worldwide College of Auctioneering provides over 80 hours of instruction and teaches the ins and outs of auctioneering. Their program includes everything from booking an auction and specialties like antiques or agriculture to working with a sound system. That course is $1,895, and after you send your deposit, you will be sent a free CD or MP3 digital download to study before your class or to use to refresh your memory after the course ends. Classes take place in Clear Lake, Des Moines, and Mason City, Iowa. Lodging is not provided.

Best Hands-On Course : Reading Area Community College’s Auctioneering Certification Program

Reading Area Community College

Reading Area Community College

Learn from licensed Pennsylvania auctioneers and practicing Pennsylvania attorneys at Reading Area Community College’s Auctioneering Certification Program and become qualified for the PA State Auctioneer Licensing Exam. For $3,800, you will learn how to procure merchandise for an auction, develop a chant, keep records and formulate contracts, organize an auction company, advertise an auction, and much more.

But the standout benefit of this course is that you will receive a minimum of 60 hours of hands-on practicum training in the auction business, under the supervision of the college and a licensed Pennsylvania auctioneer. That is more hours than we’ve seen for hands-on training in other courses, and it’s included in your tuition. The class runs Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., over the course of 10 weeks. To take this course, it’s best if you’re a resident of Pennsylvania, since unlike the other ones that only last a week, this class lasts over two-and-a-half months.

What Is an Auctioneer Course?

An auctioneer course is a course offered to help prepare and train an auctioneer. It can be offered in a classroom setting or online, and different states have different auctioneer licensing requirements and regulations. Because each state has different requirements, it’s recommended to take the course and the exam in the state you’re going to be working as an auctioneer.

What Do Auctioneer Courses Include?

An auctioneer course should include the following:

  • Auctioneer practice and basic training
  • Bid calling
  • Marketing 
  • Auctioneer operations
  • Numerical skills
  • Set up and contracting
  • Collecting the correct sales tax
  • How to handle legal matters

Who Should Take an Auctioneer Course?

If you’re interested in working as any type of auctioneer then it’s worth it to take the course and see if it’s the right career path for you. An auctioneer course is right for furniture, real estate, bankruptcy, art, antiques, and other types of auctions. 

How Much Does an Auctioneer Course Cost?

Auctioneer courses vary in length and curriculums based on state licensing requirements, therefore the costs fluctuate as well. Typically, auctioneer courses cost anywhere from $400 to over $3,000. Continuing education courses typically start at $100 per course. 

Is an Auctioneer Course Worth the Cost?

Auctioneer courses can be expensive and are only worth the cost if you plan on being an auctioneer as a full-time career path. It’s a good idea to first research what your state requires and then find out how much the courses cost before making any decisions. 

How We Chose the Best Auctioneer Courses

We chose the best auctioneer courses after reviewing dozens of courses and researching the top ones. We narrowed it down to the top ones by looking at the accessibility of the courses offered, the pricing options, the area the course is offered, and what is included with the auctioneer course.