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Florida drivers pay an arm and a leg for auto insurance. The average driver in the state paid nearly $118 per month for coverage in 2019, the latest year for which data is available. This ranks as the fifth highest in the nation among all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

At the same time, Florida’s minimum insurance requirements also are some of the most lenient nationwide, with motorists obligated to carry only $10,000 in property damage liability and $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP). Since Florida is a no-fault state, your own PIP coverage will pay for your medical costs if you’re injured in an accident, regardless of who was at fault. In most states, the at-fault driver’s bodily injury liability insurance would cover these expenses.

The good news is that you don’t have to rely on insufficient auto coverage just to find an affordable policy in Florida. Following an in-depth review of the state’s 14 largest auto insurers, we’ve rounded up the best Florida car insurance based on coverage, service, price, and more.

The Best Car Insurance in Florida for 2023

Best Overall : GEICO



Florida drivers will find it all through GEICO: award-winning service, reasonable rates, and plenty of discounts. This was an easy pick for best overall.

  • 24-hour customer service by phone and mobile app

  • More than a dozen potential discounts

  • Top customer satisfaction ratings

  • Spanish-language services available

  • Rates are below average, but not the cheapest in Florida

  • Difficult to qualify for the safe driver discount

  • Live agents not available via web chat

The best Florida car insurance can depend on your personal details and needs, but we found that the top coverage across the board comes from GEICO. This insurer offers a great balance of service, convenience, and coverage without paying too much for a policy.

GEICO customers can reach someone easily 24 hours a day to file a claim, get emergency assistance, and more. The company says the fastest way to receive help is via its mobile app, although phone representatives are available, too. There’s even a dedicated Spanish-language customer service team for Florida residents who don’t speak English as a first language. GEICO’s website displays a webchat, but it’s only powered by a virtual assistant; no live agents monitor this channel.

GEICO’s auto insurance rates were consistently below average among the quotes we received, costing around $57 per month for minimum coverage and $209 for full coverage for a single adult. While there were some cheaper options in the state, most fell far behind in terms of service quality and available coverages. If you can spare the extra few dollars per month, we think GEICO is more than worth it. Of course, every insurer calculates quotes differently; you may find that your rates are different based on your personal details.

Whether you’re a single young adult or retired and married, you’re certain to find plenty of discounts through GEICO. These range from 5% for anti-lock brakes to as much as 25% for insuring multiple vehicles. However, GEICO’s safe driver discount qualifications are stricter than you might see elsewhere. You’ll need five years without a major infraction compared to three years with most competitors.

Best Minimum Coverage : Esurance



Esurance is Florida’s best minimum coverage provider, with auto rates starting at just a couple of dollars per day.

  • Cheap auto premiums

  • Easy to file a claim

  • Coverage for ridesharing

  • Less personalized service

  • Safe driving app not available in Florida

  • Deposit required for monthly payment plans

Florida’s state minimum insurance requirements are fairly lenient compared to the rest of the country, requiring just $10,000 in property damage liability and $10,000 in personal injury protection. While this isn’t enough coverage for the average driver, it will get you on the road legally if you’re working with a tight budget. Esurance provides affordable basic coverage starting around $43 per month according to a sample quote we received.

Esurance is a technology-based insurance company that sells auto policies online and through its mobile app. You’ll even find special types of coverage not offered everywhere, such as rideshare insurance for Uber and Lyft drivers.

Although Esurance’s rates tend to fall significantly lower than competitors, there’s a caveat. If you want to pay your insurance bill monthly, you’ll need to make a down payment that typically falls between 20% and 33% of your six-month premium. The only way to avoid this is by paying for the entire six-month policy period upfront.

The downside to technology-based insurance is that service is less personalized and it can be hard to get help from a live human. This is reflected in below-average satisfaction ratings from Esurance customers. You also should be aware that Esurance’s DriveSense discount program is not available to Floridians.

Best Full Coverage : State Farm



State Farm is the best option for full auto coverage in Florida due to its diverse coverage options and bundling discounts.

  • Great coverage options

  • Multiple safe driving programs

  • Offers bundling discounts

  • Only sold through local agents

  • Hard to get a quote

  • High rates for seniors

Since Florida is a no-fault state, carrying a more robust policy can help cover your expenses if you’re involved in an accident. State Farm lets drivers choose the right level of protection with a wide variety of coverage options and opportunities to save, earning the top spot for full coverage.

State Farm prices its full-coverage policies quite reasonably compared to other Florida insurers. Based on our example quote, a single adult will pay around $284 for bodily injury and property damage liability, personal injury protection, uninsured/underinsured motorist, medical payments, comprehensive and collision, and rental car reimbursement. However, seniors may find that rates are a bit higher than average.

If you’re hoping to offset the price of a full-coverage policy, State Farm offers two different safe driving programs that can help you earn discounts. The first, Drive Safe & Save, is a usage-based program that relies on a smartphone app to track your mileage, resulting in a discount of up to 30%. Drivers younger than 25 also can enroll in Steer Clear, a safe driving course designed to teach good habits.

One disadvantage of purchasing auto insurance through State Farm is that policies are sold only through independent agents. This means customer experience can vary between offices, and simple tasks like getting a quote require more time and effort.

Best for Seniors : Florida Farm Bureau

Florida Farm Bureau

Florida Farm Bureau

Retired adults who don’t use a car frequently will find affordable coverage through Florida Farm Bureau, the state’s best auto insurer for seniors.

  • Affordable rates for seniors

  • Good phone and in-person customer service options

  • Also offers life insurance and retirement planning

  • Hard to find information on coverage and discounts

  • No online quotes

  • Smartphone app gets poor ratings

Many retirees flock to Florida for its great weather. Since seniors tend to drive their cars less often, they typically can save money on insurance by choosing the right provider. Florida Farm Bureau is the best solution with affordable pricing and additional benefits designed specifically for older adults.

Florida Farm Bureau stands out by offering some of the lowest auto insurance rates for seniors in Florida. According to the rates we received, a retired married couple could pay as little as $26 per month for state minimum coverage and $118 for full coverage if they share a vehicle. This is about $30 less per month than the average numbers we saw from competitors.

Seniors also may be interested in some of Florida Farm Bureau’s other services such as retirement planning and life insurance. While there’s no advertised discount for auto insurance customers who enroll in additional services, there’s a convenience factor to having all of these needs met by the same company.

Florida Farm Bureau representatives are available by phone and in local offices scattered across the state, which may be ideal for seniors who feel left behind by rapidly advancing technology in the insurance industry. The company does offer a smartphone app, although it gets poor reviews for user experience. Their website also lacks functionality and fails to offer instant online quotes.

Best for Teen Drivers : Progressive



Progressive won best auto insurer for teen drivers with its low rates and safe driving programs designed for new licensees.

  • Affordable rates when adding a teen to your policy

  • Several discounts geared toward young drivers

  • Purchase coverage online or through an agent

  • Enrollment in Snapshot program can increase rates

  • Accident forgiveness only available to long-term customers

  • Bundling discount is lower than average

Adding a teen to your family auto insurance policy can be surprisingly affordable when purchased through Progressive. Our sample Florida family of two adults and a teenage child was quoted $154 per month for basic coverage and $540 for standard coverage, nearly one-third below the average costs from competitors.

To help further offset insurance costs for young drivers, Progressive offers a set of discount programs designed specifically for new licensees. A teen driver discount is applied the moment you add someone younger than 18 to the family policy. Those who earn B-average grades or better can qualify for a good student discount of up to 10%. Further rate reductions may be available to college students attending school far away from home.

Progressive’s Snapshot program may be an attractive option to young drivers, providing an incentive for safe driving behavior that can lead to a lower rate. However, you should think carefully about enrolling your teen in Snapshot. Unlike most competitors’ usage-based insurance programs, poor driving behaviors actually can increase your rate. According to Progressive, two in 10 people who enroll in Snapshot end up paying more, not less. Teens may be more susceptible to behaviors like fast braking that the app interprets as signs of aggressive driving.

Large families should carefully compare overall rates and discounts with their current insurers before making the switch to Progressive. There are some areas where the provider falls short; for example, Progressive’s home and auto bundling discount caps out at 12% compared to 25% with GEICO. Accident forgiveness is available only to those who have been both accident-free for three years and a consistent Progressive customer for five years.

Best for Military Families : USAA



Military families in Florida won’t find a better auto insurance option than USAA, which offers unbeatable pricing and service to members of the armed forces.

  • Extremely low rates

  • Outstanding customer service

  • Military-specific benefits

  • Only offered to active military and veterans

  • Must become a USAA member to get a quote

  • Online support unavailable for some tasks

If you or a family member is in the armed forces, you’re probably already familiar with USAA, the best auto insurance option for Florida military families. The company is best known for being a model for customer service in the insurance industry, although additional benefits include low rates and niche coverages designed for military needs.

Full coverage from USAA costs about $187 per month for a single adult and $487 for a family with a teen driver, according to our research. If you need to adjust coverage due to deployment or relocation, USAA makes it easy to update your policy. As an example, you may be able to significantly lower coverage costs during deployment if your vehicle is placed in long-term storage.

While you’re unlikely to get anything except outstanding service from USAA representatives, the company’s digital experience sometimes can fall short of expectations. There are some things you can’t do online; if you try to remove a driver from your policy, for example, you’ll be asked to call USAA and make the update over the phone. Some customers have complained of getting this error message when attempting to make other relatively minor changes to their policies.

The Bottom Line

Finding auto insurance in Florida may seem like a daunting task, but you’d be surprised by how much coverage you can get at a reasonable price. GEICO’s flexible policies and outstanding customer service make it worth the cost for those who can afford it, although Esurance is also a great option on a budget. If you’re purchasing coverage for you and your retired spouse, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call Florida Farm Bureau to ask about senior policies.

Compare Providers

Insurance Company Why We Picked It Key Benefit
GEICO Best Overall Great service and discounts
Esurance Best Minimum Coverage Cheap rates
State Farm Best Full Coverage Wide range of coverage options
Florida Farm Bureau Best for Seniors Coverage and benefits tailored to older adults
Progressive Best for Teen Drivers Low rates and discounts for young drivers
USAA Best for Military Families Excellent service and rates for military personnel

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Coverage Do You Need in Florida?

Florida drivers are required by law to carry only $10,000 in property damage liability coverage and $10,000 in personal injury protection. But since state requirements are so low, it’s usually a good idea to protect yourself with additional coverages such as underinsured motorist, comprehensive, and collision.

How Much Is Florida Car Insurance?

The average cost of auto insurance in Florida is about $118 per month. However, this depends on your driver profile and the amount and type of coverage you choose. Your driver profile includes your credit report as well as your claims history and personal information such as your age, address, and years licensed.

How We Chose the Best Car Insurance Providers in Florida

Since auto insurance rates in Florida are among the highest in the nation, we prioritized pricing and value when analyzing the 14 insurers considered for our review. We gathered quotes for both state minimum and full-coverage policies from each insurer, using a standard profile for a single adult insuring a Toyota Camry in Fort Lauderdale.

We also asked each company for a quote for a senior couple to consider Florida’s large retiree population. We compared these quotes to coverage options, service quality, and company reputation to gauge the overall value of each provider.

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