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If you plan on pursuing a career as a chartered financial analyst (CFA), you'll need to pass a series of three comprehensive exams. The CFA exam measures and certifies your competence and integrity before becoming a financial analyst. In passing the CFA exam, you'll gain analytical skills and expertise in quantitative methods, economics, financial reporting, investments analysis, and portfolio management. The exam is meant to help you enhance your career or help you find a new role in the finance sector.

To prepare for these exams, many candidates use prep course products to complement their self-study from the Institute’s materials or as a complete alternative to using those materials. So, candidates should focus on the products that they really need, given their own circumstances. There are five distinct categories of product, including self-study with books/e-books, questions and mock exams, in-person or online instruction, pre-test review, and tutoring.

To best help you feel ready for the exam, we assessed the best CFA prep courses to get you across the finish line.

The 7 Best CFA Exam Prep Courses of 2023

Most Established : Kaplan/Schweser



Kaplan/Schweser is the largest and most established provider, offering its products in packages that increase in price accordingly.

The basic self-study package lists for about $699 and features notes, practice exams, questions, and planning tools. The top-level package adds OnDemand instruction and access to an OnDemand Review Workshop for a total price of $999.

Kaplan/Schweser also sells access weekend and week-long review packages as standalone products, which is great if you've relied solely on self-studying and would like a new tactic.

Weekend reviews are about bringing everything together and focusing on exam strategy rather than instruction. The week-long session is about review and instruction since the latter is unlikely to be enough on its own.

Most Price Options : Wiley Efficient Learning

Wiley Efficient Learning

 Wiley Efficient Learning

Wiley Efficient Learning offers layers of packages that increase in price by how many materials you need. The standalone self-study course costs around $645 and notably includes questions and two mock exams. For about $995, you can get instruction in a live-on-line or video format, as well as the right to email questions to an instructor, flashcards, and other goodies.

For $1,395, Wiley throws in a review course, including an online class, a mock, and a book. There are fewer hours of video lectures and questions as candidates progress through the three exams. For tutoring, candidates get responses from instructors within 24 to 48 hours.

Wiley’s CFA offerings are up-to-date and don't contain questions about topics long-gone from the curriculum.

Best Course Design : The Princeton Review

Princeton Review

Princeton Review

The Princeton Review offers incredibly well designed CFA courses to help financial professionals prepare for this difficult series of exams. Like Kaplan, The Princeton Review is a well-known name when it comes to test prep.

The Princeton Review offers prep courses for the 3 levels of the CFA exam. At the time of this review, levels 1 and 3 packages are being offered at a discounted rate of $599 each, and level 4 is offered at $499, all down from the usual price of $799. All courses come with money back assurances and students can complete a 7-day free trial before paying any money for a full course. 

Practice exams are an extremely important part of preparing for the CFA exam, so students will like that practice exam scores are made available immediately upon completion. Students will also find the in-depth test score analytics helpful for identifying areas where improvement is needed. 

Students can ask for assistance from experienced teachers at any time and personal tutoring is available from The Princeton Review teachers at a rate of $200 an hour. Course extensions are available if any students can’t finish within 12 months.

Newest : Salt Solutions

Salt Solutions

Salt Solutions

A newer option for CFA exam prep, Salt Solutions launched its Beta platform for CFA Level I exam prep in late 2020. The company is now officially out of Beta, and the full CFA learning experience is available for Levels I and II (Level III will be available in 2022).

Salt Solutions knows it’s tough to stay focused on a large volume of material with limited study time, so it breaks it into small chunks to complete in 10 to 30 minutes. Salt Solutions also improves the study process by showing you which steps are most important. While the platform offers flexibility, the scheduler also sets weekly goals to keep you on track. 

The platform has a user-friendly interface with a light or dark mode, making it easier on your eyes after long hours of studying. The platform currently includes assignment questions, downloadable videos, and a scheduler with weekly goals to stay on track.

Although Salt Solutions doesn’t have a proven track record yet, the user-friendly and thoughtfully designed software looks promising, particularly for those tired of staring at textbooks. Passing all three CFA exams isn’t easy, and Salt Solutions may be a good option for those struggling to buckle down and focus.

Most Versatile : Bloomberg Exam CFA Prep

Bloomberg Exam CFA Prep

 Bloomberg Exam CFA Prep

Bloomberg Exam CFA Prep provides a modern, AI-based learning platform that aims to help identify and focus attention on your weak areas.

The self-study and instruction-based package costs around $700 and gives you access to “micro-lessons” on the entire curriculum. You will also get variable amounts of access to practice questions and instructors, depending upon any add-ons you choose.

The base package includes 10,000+ questions—more than its competitors—seven full exams and the ability to message an instructor 20 questions. With the Ultimate package, priced at around $2,000, you'll receive four more exams, unlimited question-messaging, and five private tutoring sessions.

Bloomberg is also a great option if you're cramming since it offers packages for sprinters—approximately $500 for two months’ access right before the exams. There are also bundles for marathoners, who can get four years’ worth of access for about $1,300.

Best for Self-Directed Learners : FinQuiz

Fin Quiz

 Fin Quiz

FinQuiz is a great choice for self-directed candidates looking for an affordable complement to working directly from the CFA test materials.

The service provides a variety of options but emphasizes what the exam is expected to ask. Products available for you to use via FinQuiz are an online question bank, chapter notes, smart summaries, six mock exams, formula sheets, and a study plan.

FinQuiz’s basic program—priced at $299—is just questions and mocks, which are deliberately challenging and designed to stretch the candidates. If you have more budget to spare, FinQuiz has a premium package for approximately $599, which provides access to detailed summaries of the company's materials and an active learning study plan.

Best Tutoring Option : MyGuru

My Guru

 My Guru

MyGuru offers affordable, individual tutoring from CFA charter holders, either in person or online. Candidates get a lot of flexibility with tutors, both in terms of when and how it takes place and also with regards to how many sessions are purchased.

Tutoring is often used as a supplement to in-person or online self-study, or an instructional course. An individual teacher is there to help you create a more customized study plan out of whatever materials or curriculum exists and focus on the topics and concepts that might be challenging. Of course, they can also become a mentor to you and help build confidence leading up to the exam date.

In contrast to online courses that include access to an instructor or mentor as part of a package in advance, you will get to choose how many lessons you need as you study. Plus, you will get personalized attention dedicated to your specific concerns. Costs vary but typically do not exceed $179 per hour, with lower pricing offered when students invest in a package of hours.

When Can I Take the CFA Exam?

If you're planning to take the CFA exam, they take place at different times throughout the year. To find a test date that works for you, check out the CFA Institute's website.

How is the CFA Exam Framed?

The CFA Institute's tests are mostly multiple-choice, and candidates have various options for how to prepare. The CFA exam consists of a series of three tests: Levels I, II, and III. On the Level I exam, you can expect questions to be focused on basic knowledge and comprehension around investment tools, while the Level II test is centered on a more complex analysis of valuing assets. The Level III exam is application-based, challenging you to think more analytically about portfolio management and wealth planning.

How Can I prepare for the CFA Exam?

If you're planning to take the CFA exam, it's important to consider taking courses to ensure you're as prepared as possible. With several choices in the test-prep landscape, it's necessary to consider your learning style, budget, and time constraints. It's also important to note that these are all subject to change during the journey to passing the exams.

One option is to prepare directly from the CFA Institute’s materials, which are free with every paid registration (around $700 to $1,000). As these materials are the Institute’s curriculum, they are effectively the font from which the exams are crafted.

But the materials can be excessively long for the readings and excessively short for questions. They tend to be more theoretical than instructional and fail to break up topics or focus attention on what is essential for success within a pass-fail multiple-choice exam. Moreover, using these materials means primarily book-based preparation, which is unappealing to visual or auditory learners.

Is Getting a CFA Worth It?

If you're looking to advance your career in finance, the CFA exam is definitely worth taking. Considering the markets are always changing, becoming a certified CFA will provide you with a solid base of knowledge and opportunity to pursue a variety of jobs, including a relationship manager, research analyst, chief executive, financial advisor, corporate financial analyst, and more.

How We Chose the Best CFA Prep Courses

To help determine which CFA prep course is best for you, we compared which services stood out regarding pricing, value, packages, online and in-person course options, and the ability to purchase study materials individually. We also looked into how customizable the companies' services were and which companies would offer money-back guarantees.

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