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Fleet management platforms help companies track vehicle and driver data while staying compliant with government regulations. Along with software, some services provide battery-operated or hardwired devices, whereas others rely on a driver mobile app for GPS tracking. Business owners use fleet tracking software to optimize routes, save money on fuel and maintenance, and ensure drivers obey the rules. Plus, many programs offer tracking capabilities for trailers, refrigerated trucks (reefers), and other types of equipment.

We explored 32 different software options to determine the best overall fleet management software and identify software that’s best for specific business use cases. We compared platforms by comparing standard and advanced features, mobile applications, usability, and pricing. Additionally, we looked at hardware options and customer service. Here are the best we found in eight important categories.

The Best Fleet Management Software for 2021

Best Overall : Fleetio



An intuitive platform designed for companies of all sizes to efficiently manage vehicles, drivers, and auto parts via the web or top-rated mobile applications.

  • 14-day free trial

  • User-friendly mobile apps

  • Affordable annual or monthly plans

  • Weak reporting features

  • No vehicle tracking devices, as it uses a smartphone

  • Slight learning curve due to high number of features

Founded in 2012, Fleetio provides fleet management software that helps companies stay compliant and monitor equipment. Its robust feature set, drag-and-drop functionality, and standout mobile apps make it the clear winner for the best overall fleet management software.

You can use Fleetio’s web-based software or Fleetio Go, an iOS and Android mobile app, averaging 4.3 out of 5 stars on the app stores. The comprehensive features cover every aspect of fleet management and consist of:

  • View vehicle location with available integrations
  • Fuel, equipment, and fleet management
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)-compliant driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs)
  • Fleet and preventive maintenance
  • Oversee inspections and assign work orders
  • Get geofence alerts
  • Simply click the plus sign to add vehicles, service entries, or fuel entries
  • See a granular view of your fleet by adding as much (or as little) vehicle and driver data as you want
  • Motivate drivers using a driver leaderboard
  • See vehicle status reports and assign tasks from your dashboard
  • Scan equipment barcodes and quick response (QR) codes 

Fleetio offers two plans with monthly or annual payments. You’ll save up to 17% with yearly payments. You can add an equipment management program to either package. The Fleetio software plans below are based on monthly payments and include:

  • Pro: $5 per vehicle, billed annually starting at $25 per month, which includes your first five assets; best for companies that outsource maintenance work
  • Advanced: $7 per vehicle, billed annually starting at $35 per month, which includes your first five assets; best for businesses that handle repairs and maintenance

The equipment management plan costs $0.50 per piece of equipment when billed annually or $0.60 per piece when billed monthly for unlimited users and the ability to link equipment to vehicles.

With Fleetio, you can get your teams onboarded quickly. The company offers 20 webinars and videos, several online training seminars each month, and a dedicated help center for customers.

Best Value : Momentum IoT

Momentum IoT

 Momentum IoT

Unlike other providers, Momentum includes a tracking device with every low-priced monthly subscription.

  • No charge for tracking hardware

  • Durable, heavy-duty equipment trackers

  • No required contracts

  • Light on self-service resources

  • No phone support

Momentum IoT is a fleet management platform offering total visibility of your expensive assets. With no upfront cost and transparent, affordable pricing, Momentum IoT is the top provider for the best value. 

The software works well on any device. It’s effortless to use and features rugged tracking devices built to handle tough jobs. Plus, you can take the GPS telematics device for a trial run with zero risks. 

This nimble platform provides everything you need to manage your fleet, such as:

  • GPS telematics dashboard
  • Custom asset grouping options
  • Real-time trips and mileage reports downloadable as .csv or Excel files
  • Alerts for low battery, speed, idling, device disconnect, and more
  • Geolocation capabilities
  • Real-time odometer and fuel level data
  • Notifications via email, in-app, or text
  • Plug-in devices need no wiring
  • Ability to track generators, pump, and air compressors

Momentum IoT stands out from competitors for its simple pricing. You pay $12 per month per asset for fleet management and GPS tracking with zero upfront cost. Unlike other providers, you won’t need to pay an extra fee for a GPS tracking device or worry about replacing an outdated device in the future, as your subscription includes the tracking equipment. You can place your order online and choose a plug-in or direct-to-battery device. Once you sign up, you can access your account and set up locations and notifications. The company sends your equipment by FedEx. 

The website has a help center where you can submit a support request, read an installation guide, or view FAQs. However, the software is intuitive, and most people can set it up and use it with minimal effort.

Best Customer Support : USFleetTracking



Responsive customer support and an in-depth self-service database help you get the most out of your fleet management program.

  • No contract required

  • Online device activation

  • Nice selection of devices

  • Mobile tracking is an extra $10 per month

  • Mobile app doesn’t function as well as the web program

US Fleet Tracking provides GPS tracking and fleet telematics and has been used during every Super Bowl since 2007 to manage logistics. The company manufactures its devices and offers an online live chat platform to answer your device- or software-related questions. US Fleet Tracking prioritizes customer service, which is why it’s the best tool for customer support. 

The feature-rich service includes:

  • 22 how-to videos
  • Downloadable product manuals and specification sheets for all devices
  • Device install videos for many vehicles and asset types
  • Idle, ignition, and maintenance alerts
  • Geofencing
  • Speed notifications
  • 90-day history playback
  • Eight reports
  • Live weather radar
  • Remote start, unlock/lock, and kill switch
  • Route setup and management
  • Integrates with ExxonMobil Fleet Affinity fuel cards and service call software
  • 23 devices and accessories

US Fleet Tracking provides cellular-based and satellite-based tracking systems, making it perfect for fleets that may operate in remote areas. You can add battery-powered trackers for $10 more per tracker per month. Hardware costs are a one-time fee and range from $0 to $299. Plus, the company offers service agreements and volume-based pricing. 

Cellular GPS tracker plans:

  • Most Popular: $29.95 per hardware tracker per month for updates every 10 seconds
  • Blazing Fast: $39.95 per tracking device per month for updates every five seconds

Satellite tracker packages:

  • Standard: $24.95 per hardware tracker per month for three updates every 48 hours
  • Premium: $79.95 per tracking device per month for updates every five minutes 

Use their return on investment (ROI) to determine if US Fleet Tracking is right for you. You can contact U.S.-based customer support via phone, live chat, or email Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST.

Best for Ease of Use : Avrios



Avrios provides a fleet management solution that anyone on your team can use with minimal training.

  • Straightforward user interface

  • Free plan

  • Can assign tasks to employees

  • No vehicle tracking

  • No mention of FMCSA-compliance capabilities

Avrios helps companies centralize all transportation and fleet-related management into a single dashboard. Its user-friendly interface means everyone on your team, from drivers to office staff, can use the software without extensive training, making it the best choice for ease of use.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice how easy it is to add drivers or vehicles. Each topic has a clearly named tab to click on. Then you simply tap “Add Driver” or “Add Vehicle” to get started. This comprehensive software provides many tools and features, such as:

  • In-app step-by-step guides for adding vehicles or drivers
  • Vehicle and driver database
  • Fuel card integration
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) monitoring
  • Driver training management program
  • Automated invoice capturing and cost allocation via AI

Avrios offers three plans. The Essentials plan is available for free, but comes with limited features. Pro is available for around $12 per vehicle per month, and you must speak with a representative for pricing for Enterprise. The plans include:

  • Essentials: Free and includes task management, basic reports, and limited technical customer support
  • Pro: Paid plan offering extensive reporting options, procurement and damage management, and customer support
  • Enterprise: Paid plan with access to fleet experts, application programming interface (API), and human resource integrations

With paid plans, the support team helps you upload your data to the platform and other user training. The company also provides a free e-book and offers additional customer service based on the plan you select.

Best for Rental Car Companies : HQ Rental Software

HQ Rental Software

HQ Rental Software

HQ Rental Software combines fleet management, an online reservation system, and telematics into one comprehensive platform.

  • Inexpensive solution

  • 14-day free trial with no credit card needed

  • Website integration

  • Telematics is a separate subscription plan

  • Limited support on lower-tier plans

  • Most integrations only available on three upper-tier plans

Used by companies like Avis and Lyft, HQ Rental Software earned the top place for best rental car software of 2021. Unlike other fleet management solutions, HQ Rental Software is an all-in-one platform dedicated to rental car providers, making it the best tool for rental car companies. 

This web-based program is easy to use, and you can also download iOS or Android apps. Its Google app is rated at 3 stars out of 5 while its Apple app is rated 4+ stars out of 5. They each feature a license-scanning tool. HQ Rental software offers features, such as:

  • Website plugin for online reservations
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) program
  • Vehicle documentation and maintenance tracking
  • Auto-generated customer confirmation emails
  • Can bulk import vehicles to save time
  • Oversee and create repair orders
  • Automatic fuel and odometer tracking

Telematics plans provide additional tracking features. The packages are $7 or $8 per vehicle per month. Plus, you’ll pay a one-time fee per tracking device, with costs ranging from $70 to $95 each, plus shipping. If you opt for the paid telematics plans, you’ll also get:

  • GPS and live map features
  • Trip history reports
  • Driver behavior notifications
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Phone-as-a-key option

HQ Rental Software offers five plans on a monthly or annual basis, and you’ll save up to 16% with a yearly payment. All packages come with fleet management features, and the plans include:

  • Startup: $50 per month for 10 vehicles, one rental location, and online payments
  • Basic: $75 per month for 25 vehicles, one rental location, digital signatures
  • Standard: $125 per month for 50 vehicles, one rental location, and bookkeeping integration
  • Professional: $175 per month for 100 vehicles, two rental locations, and API access
  • Enterprise: For companies with over 100 vehicles and up to three rental locations, HQ Rental Software provides an online tool to calculate your enterprise plan costs.

HQ Rental Software gives customers access to an in-depth knowledge base with installation guides and tutorials. Other support options vary by plan type, with lower-tier packages offering standard support services and upper-tier plans featuring 24/7 support. HQ Rental Software also offers additonal SetUp Packages. The Self Setup package is Free and includes two Setup Credits and 2 weeks of Support Chat. For $450 the Light package includes 7 Setup Credits and 4 weeks of Support Chat. The most expensive package, Heavy, is $750 but includes 15 Setup Credits and 8 weeks of Support Chat. No matter what your level of need is, HQ Rental Software is there to help.

Best for Delivery Companies : Onfleet



Use Onfleet to easily assign and track bike, car, or truck deliveries.

  • 14-day free trial

  • Excellent reporting features

  • Modern user interface

  • Only email support on lower plans

  • Pricey

  • Limited vehicle data tools

Onfleet provides advanced logistics software that’s helped track over 100 million deliveries and is used by companies such as Kroger and Sweetgreen. Onfleet’s route optimization features and delivery-focused design makes it the best choice for delivery companies. 

The Onfleet dispatcher and admin dashboard support end-to-end route planning, automated dispatch, and communication. The iOS and Android driver apps average 4.9 out of 5 stars on app stores, and the company responds to many reviews to assure customer satisfaction.

The beautifully designed software makes it easy to delight customers and ensure seamless deliveries with features, such as:

  • Map-based driver and task management
  • Real-time estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) and fleet tracking
  • Automatic text notifications tell customers when to expect their delivery
  • Live traffic view
  • Integrates with Zapier to connect your favorite tools
  • Customer feedback collection tools
  • Proof of delivery options, including photo and signature capture
  • Can send company-wide or driver-specific announcements
  • Easily add drivers by inviting them to download and sign up via the mobile app

All plans include unlimited users, dispatchers, and drivers. The packages are based on tasks, and a task is a pickup or delivery. Additional tasks cost $0.13 to $0.18, depending on your plan. 

The following prices are based on an annual payment. However, monthly plans are available for $50 to $500 more per month:

  • Starter: $149 per month for 1,000 tasks, vehicle management, Zapier integration, and 30-day history
  • Basic: $349 per month for 2,500 tasks, route optimization, driver scheduling, predictive ETA, and 90-day history
  • Premium: $799 per month for 5,000 tasks, barcode scanning, age verification, and one-year history
  • Professional: $1,999 per month for 12,500 tasks, multi-brand support, and unlimited history

The company offers support via email for all plans, but phone support only for Premium, Professional, and Enterprise plan customers. It does, however, provide robust self-service options, including on-demand and live onboarding webinars, role-based help articles, and quickstart guides.

Best for Large Fleets : Samsara



Improve your safety program, oversee all assets, and keep your fleet compliant using this robust software.

  • Easy-to-use driver application

  • Comprehensive video-based driver safety program

  • Plug-and-play hardware

  • Only 60-second video feeds

  • Expensive

  • Email-support only

More than 20,000 customers use Samsara’s all-in-one fleet management software to track hours of service (HOS), DVIRs, and enhance safety programs. Its connected driver features, dedicated driver and fleet manager apps, and robust tools make it the best choice for large fleets.

Samsara offers products and featuers that help comanies stay compliant with International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), FMCSA, and Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules. It offers separate iOS and Android apps for drivers and fleet managers, all of which garner 4+ stars out of 5 on the app stores.

This feature-rich software provides an incredible number of features, such as:

  • Temp monitoring hardware for reefer trailers 
  • Real-time route tracking via GPS
  • Dashcams
  • Driver safety scores
  • Automated alerts for idle time and speeding
  • Geofencing
  • Driver logs and vehicle inspection data
  • Proof of delivery integrations
  • Time on site reports
  • Vehicle and driver categorization via tags
  • Two-way messaging
  • In-cab Wi-Fi with voice coaching
  • Distracted driving detection
  • Customer support via online account for fast response

Samara offers custom solutions based on the number of vehicles you want equipped with GPS tracking and the number of electronic logging device (ELD) dashcams you need. The website provides a convenient ROI tool to get an estimate of your costs. 

Samsara customer averages are $468 per vehicle for an annual license for GPS tracking and $660 per vehicle for a yearly license for dashcams. Example pricing situations include:

  • For GPS tracking on 30 vehicles, you’ll pay $14,040 per year 
  • For GPS tracking on 30 vehicles with 30 dashcams, your cost is $33,840 per year 
  • For GPS tracking on 100 vehicles, it costs $46,800 per year
  • For GPS tracking on 100 vehicles with 100 dashcams, you’ll pay $112,800 per year

You can reach out to the company via email or a support ticket or you can access its comprehensive database with technical specifications, product manuals, and software resources. The support ticket options let you choose from four levels of prioritization, including P0 business-critical, P1 urgent, P2 systems impaired, and P3 general assistance.

Best for Small Fleets : Rhino Fleet Tracking

Rhino Fleet Tracking

 Rhino Fleet Tracking

Optimize your small fleet by reducing labor, fuel, and maintenance costs while ensuring compliance with transportation regulations.

  • No contract required

  • Over 15 custom reports

  • Responsive customer service

  • ELDs only available to fleets with 30 or more vehicles

  • Limited integrations available

Rhino Fleet Tracking offers GPS tracking and fleet management services for businesses in many industries, including healthcare and construction. Its simple pricing structure and comprehensive support make Rhino Fleet Tracking a great transportation partner and best for small fleets. 

Unlike other services, Rhino Fleet Tracking delivers devices fully activated, so there’s no need to call or go online. The cloud-based solution also offers iOS and Android mobile apps. However, the latest app update left customers less than thrilled, and the apps barely get over 2 stars out of 5. Fortunately, the web platform more than makes up for it by offering:

  • GPS tracking of equipment, cars, trailers, and trucks
  • Google Maps integration
  • Oversee stops, landmarks, geofences, and speed limits
  • 365 days of history
  • Service records and maintenance alerts
  • Driver scorecards
  • Supports compliance with HOS, power take-off (PTO), ELD, and FMCSA 
  • Fast starts and hard braking alerts
  • Fleet dispatching
  • Alexa integration including a Rhino Fleet Tracking Skill
  • Customizable dashboard view and reporting options

The company offers a simple pricing structure and seasonal plans. You pay a one-time fee for your device, which includes the cost of the device, shipping, activation, and the first month's serice fee. The costs consist of:

  • Shipping cost: Pay $9 for up to 10 devices or $13 for 11 or more devices shipped within the United States and Canada 
  • Activation fee: $25 per device
  • Hardware: Choose from four devices, ranging from $39.95 to $99.95
  • Monthly subscription: Prices vary based on the device you choose and then number of units you order. A wired tracking device for a vehicle is $19.95 per month when you order six or more. For less than six, the monthly service fee is $21.95.

Rhino Fleet Tracking provides phone, email, and chat support, including a special number for stolen or lost assets. The company also offers personlized training and device installation guides and diagrams.

Bottom Line

Fleet management software puts data about your vehicles, equipment, and employees into one central dashboard. With user-friendly applications, fleet managers can assign tasks, optimize routes, and proactively plan for maintenance. Some platforms include GPS tracking via cell phone or hardware that connects to your asset. However, not all services satisfy government regulations for inspections, tracking hours, and dashcam requirements. Furthermore, some tools require training, whereas others you can jump right into using. 

Fleetio is our top pick for the best fleet management software. The cloud-based program is user-friendly and suitable for both small companies and large enterprises. Its mobile apps receive high reviews, and the company offers plenty of self-service options online. Moreover, Fleetio is Department of Transportation (DOT)-compliant and provides affordable monthly plans.

Compare Providers

Company Wins For Key Features
Fleetio Best Overall Top-rated mobile apps and intuitive tools for companies of all sizes
Momentum IoT Best Value Free GPS devices, zero startup costs, and low monthly prices
US Fleet Tracking Best Customer Support Tons of self-service options and live chat support
Avrios Best for Ease of Use Free plan, designate tasks to employees, and simple interface
HQ Rental Software Best for Rental Car Companies Oversee fleet management and reservations from a central dashboard
Onfleet Best for Delivery Companies Comprehensive reports, modern interface, and task oriented
Samsara Best for Large Fleets Manage fleets and stay compliant with IFTA, FMCSA, FSMA, and HOS rules
Rhino Fleet Tracking Best for Small Fleets Reduce costs, boost compliance, and automate processes

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Fleet Management?

Fleet management is the process of documenting details about each company-owned vehicle, asset, and equipment. This includes maintenance, repairs, damage, and use. Traditionally, fleet managers used a series of spreadsheets to track vehicle information. However, fleet management software provides a central location with all information. 

How Does a Fleet Management System Work?

Fleet management platforms provide a database for tracking vehicles, equipment, and assets. It lets you view and schedule maintenance, review fuel use, and optimize routes. Some fleet management tools include GPS tracking. With tracking devices, you can see real-time information about driver and customer locations or, in some cases, the temperature of your trailers or reefers. 

For companies required to abide by Department of Transportation rules, fleet management may offer compliance features, such as: 

  • Driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs)
  • Electronic logging devices (ELDs)
  • Driver hours of service (HOS) reports
  • Power take-off (PTO) tracking
  • Fuel tracking for the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
  • Reefer and trailer control to meet Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules

What Is the Cost of a Fleet Management System?

Fleet management systems vary in price, with monthly plans ranging from $0 per vehicle to $39 per vehicle. Depending on your fleet size, you can pay less than $100 a month to several thousand dollars. 

Some companies provide GPS tracking hardware free of charge, while others charge a one-time fee per device. This cost ranges from $0 to $299 per device. 

For delivery-focused software, providers may use a task-based pricing plan, where your monthly plan designates a maximum number of deliveries per subscription. Task-based pricing typically costs $0.13 to $0.18 per task.

How We Chose the Best Fleet Management Software

To find the best fleet management platforms, we reviewed more than 32 companies. We compared cloud-based programs and mobile apps by looking at customer reviews, ease of use, and overall mobile app functionality. Furthermore, we considered the range of standard features along with standout features required for specific use cases. We looked for solutions with compliance features, affordable prices, and online self-service options to narrow our selection down.

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