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Getting a divorce isn't just emotionally difficult. It can also be financially challenging. According to a survey by Martindale Nolo, the average cost per spouse for a divorce is $11,300, with divorce lawyers averaging $270 per hour. That means a couple could spend more than $22,000 in legal fees to end their marriage. That's a lot of money that could be used for moving on, saving for kids' college educations, or otherwise dividing the financial obligations of the marriage. 

This is a big reason why more and more people are turning to online divorce services that can save them thousands of dollars. Online services work best if your divorce is uncontested: Both spouses are in agreement about the divorce and all its dissolution components. Here we review the best online divorce services based on cost, ease of use, the availability of support, the exact services provided, the kinds of guarantees they offer, and the level of privacy. 

Best Online Divorce Services of 2023

Best Speed : 3StepDivorce



  • Cost: $299
  • Completed forms: Downloadable and can be mailed to you
  • Extra: Cost can be paid in installment at a higher price
Why We Chose It

This is the place to turn if you want to complete your divorce documents as quickly as possible. 3StepDivorce can have documents ready to file within an hour so you can move swiftly when you're ready to get your divorce over with.

Pros & Cons
  • The $299 price can be paid in installments and comes with a money-back guarantee

  • Your documents are ready immediately upon completion

  • The forms are guaranteed to be accepted by your state court

  • Your completed documents are not reviewed by an attorney or staff member

  • There are no attorneys available if you have questions

  • Website is unappealing


3StepDivorce is the oldest online divorce service, having been in business since 1997. We were impressed by the turnaround time this service provides. You can complete your divorce papers within one hour with this site and have them ready to download immediately. That makes this one the fastest provider on our list and the top pick for a speedy divorce filing.

Keep in mind that your divorce must be uncontested in order to use this service. The site asks you some questions and then completes the state-specific forms for you. They're immediately ready with instructions on how to file them. You can print the forms or have them mailed to you if you don't have access to a printer and can wait a few days. 3StepDivorce guarantees that your forms will be accepted by your state's courthouse. The site's low fee of $299 can also be paid in installments if desired, but with a greater total cost.

The package includes a divorce encyclopedia ebook and other resources for download. 3StepDivorce relies on McAfee to help secure your information and test for vulnerabilities. The ease of use and speed make 3StepDivorce our top choice to quickly file for divorce.

Best Value : DivorceWriter

Divorce Writer

Divorce Writer

  • Cost: $137
  • Completed forms: Downloadable or mailed to you
  • Extra: Refund if the court doesn't accept your documents
Why We Chose It

DivorceWriter will complete your divorce forms for $137.

Pros & Cons
  • The service guarantees that your forms will be accepted by your state court

  • Simple pricing structure

  • Extremely low price

  • There are no lawyers available to consult if you need legal assistance or have questions

  • There is no chat function for customer service

  • This service is not available in Missouri


DivorceWriter offers the completion of your divorce papers for the flat fee of $137. Such a low price is by far the best option for value around.

The website uses a simple process to create your divorce documents, starting with a questionnaire. As with other providers, your divorce must be uncontested to utilize this service. We like DivorceWriter's integrity, too. It will provide you with a refund if your forms are not accepted by your state court. 

Your documents are available for immediate download or you can have them printed and mailed to you for a fee. There are a few articles on the site to help you understand your rights or the divorce process. Please note that the site is not available for divorce in Missouri.

Best for Simplicity :

Complete Case

Complete Case

  • Cost: $299
  • Completed forms: Downloadable or mailed to you
  • Extra: Free last will and testament
Why We Chose It offers solid service with just enough details to help you feel secure but not overwhelmed. The platform is clean and intuitively designed, keeping things simple. That's why we chose as best in terms of simplicity.

Pros & Cons
  • You are allowed unlimited changes to your forms for 30 days

  • Forms are guaranteed to be accepted by your court

  • Documents take two days to become available

  • There is no chat feature for customer support

Overview will prepare your uncontested divorce forms through a simplified process for $299, then provide clear instructions on how to file them in your state. The site doesn't burden users with extra information or unnecessary details, making it our top pick for simplicity. You also can have your will completed and stored for free on the secure server.

All of your forms remain available for 30 days, giving you time to discuss things with your spouse to make sure you're in agreement. It is also possible to purchase an extended time option that gives you ongoing access for changes and storage at a monthly rate. Your documents are guaranteed to be accepted by the court.

Founded in 2000, is well established with attorneys who have written or approved all the forms that are available on the site. Documents can be downloaded or you can have them mailed to you, whichever you prefer. 

If you have questions, unlimited support is available by phone or email. The site is easy to navigate and the questionnaire process is designed for simple, intuitive use.

Best Legal Assistance : Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer

  • Cost: $39.99 monthly subscription
  • Completed forms: Downloadable
  • Extra: Includes access to other family law forms
Why We Chose It

If you want attorney support via phone or to have an attorney review your divorce papers before you file, Rocket Lawyer offers a monthly subscription for $39.99 that provides these services.

Pros & Cons
  • The affordable monthly plan includes unlimited access to forms and online assistance

  • Subscribe for three months or less and your cost is lower than with any other service

  • Prepare any divorce or family law document you need

  • Attorneys that work with the site provide you with a discount up to 40%

  • Takes clicking around to locate the divorce worksheet


Rocket Lawyer's subscription model provides legal services from lawyers for a monthly membership fee. The fee includes the generation of your state-specific divorce forms, which are designed and vetted by lawyers. You can hire site attorneys at up to 40% discount if you need more help. We’ve chosen Rocket Lawyer as the best for legal assistance because of this direct access to lawyers and discounted ongoing assistance.

You can complete the divorce worksheet to get organized for the process to get started. You can begin preparing your settlement agreement after that. You'll receive one 30-minute phone call with an attorney and have all documents reviewed by an attorney before you file, then can have any additional questions answered via email. You won't feel alone in the process, especially if you have any legal questions.

Start with a seven-day free trial. Rocket Lawyer allows you to cancel the service at any time. The site has an extensive privacy policy to keep your personal information out of nefarious hands.

It's common to feel as if you want a lawyer to review your documents and answer your questions, and Rocker Lawyer is our choice for making that possible.

Best for Explanation of State Laws :

My Divorce Papers

My Divorce Papers

  • Cost: $139
  • Completed forms: Only available to download
  • Extra: A dedicated case manager for each case
Why We Chose It

Each state has its own divorce requirements, laws, and forms. offers concise, easy-to-understand explanations of the rules for each state, making it the choice for best explanations.

Pros & Cons
  • The service is affordably priced at $139

  • A dedicated case manager is assigned to each case

  • Instructions are provided for how to serve your spouse with the papers

  • You can choose uncontested divorce, annulment, or legal separation

  • There is no option to receive the forms by mail

  • The 100% guarantee only applies for 30 days after you complete the forms


Founded in 2002, has become one of the top companies for online divorce. This service isn't limited to an uncontested divorce, unlike many other online providers. You can also choose annulment or a legal separation if you aren't ready to make things final. The site offers clear and easy-to-understand descriptions of each state’s laws, walking users through the terminology and required forms. This is why it wins the best for explanations.

The service will complete the forms for you through a simple process for $139. Then you can print and file them yourself using the instructions provided. The forms that you complete are guaranteed to be accepted by your state court provided that you ask for a refund within 30 days.

Each user on the website is assigned a case manager to answer any questions that might arise. offers support via email, fax, support tickets, and by phone. The site also offers a variety of free videos and tools that are very helpful.

The site has a privacy policy that you can easily access. It also has a valid SSL certificate and https connection.

Final Verdict

All these online divorce services excel in one area or another, but Rocket Lawyer stands out above the rest. It's available by monthly subscription so you won't necessarily have to part with a lot of cash upfront if you can resolve your issue relatively quickly. You'll be able to access unlimited forms for the price, not just divorce documents, and you can reach out to an attorney at a discount if you find that you need guidance or advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Online Divorce Services?

    Online divorce services complete all of the necessary paperwork for you online. Then you can file the finished documents with your state court. They walk you through correctly completing the documents. You may have to pay additional fees for legal advice, but most services aren't available if you and your spouse don't agree on the terms of your divorce, including property and debt division, custody, and support.

  • Are Online Divorce Papers Legal?

    All the online divorce services create divorce papers that meet your state's legal requirements, and some offer a guarantee that the papers will be accepted by your state. Most of the sites clearly state that they are not offering legal services for the document preparation and are simply assisting you in representing yourself. Properly filed documents are legally binding and will result in a legal dissolution of your marriage.

  • How Much Do Online Divorce Services Cost?

    An online uncontested divorce using a divorce service can cost a few hundred dollars, but this is still a tremendous savings when compared to the average cost of a divorce when you're using an attorney. The cost usually doesn't include the cost of a notary, postage to mail your forms to your local court, or state filing fees. Some websites offer consultations with an attorney for an additional discounted hourly rate if you need additional legal assistance.

  • How Long Should an Online Divorce Take?

    Just as with a brick-and-mortar divorce, how long it takes to get an online divorce depends a great deal on your personal situation. You can file and be done with it pretty quickly if you and your spouse are in agreement as to how to end your marriage. But your state might impose time-consuming requirements if you have children or a lot of assets and debts to resolve, and some won't finalize your divorce until a prescribed number of months have passed since you filed your divorce petition or complaint. Realistically and on average, plan on it taking about six months and up to 18 months if things get complicated.

  • When Should You Get an Attorney?

    You should hire a divorce attorney if you and your spouse can't agree on the terms by which you'll end your marriage. You also should consider an attorney if your case is complex with a lot of assets or debts, or if you're unsure about the best way to settle your divorce. When it comes to using an online service, the less complicated the divorce, the better.


Our goal was to find online divorce services to help you and your spouse divorce quickly, legally, and inexpensively. We looked at 11 online divorce services before settling on our final choices. We considered cost, ease of use, the availability of support, and the exact services offered. 

We also looked at whether the service completes the forms or simply assists the customer in doing it themselves, as well as what kinds of guarantees they offer and what kind of privacy the site has available. 

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