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Every year, there are 35 million visits to the emergency room (ER) related to injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And just one visit to the ER can cost anywhere between $150 and $3,000. That's one of the main reasons people get personal accident insurance—to help cover the cost of medical bills.

Accident insurance is also known as supplemental insurance and is not tied to any medical insurance plan. If you buy coverage and experience an accident covered by your plan, also known as a covered claim, your insurer will pay money directly to you. We researched more than 25 insurance companies to find the best personal accident insurance policies based on plan options, pricing, coverage amounts, and more.

The 5 Best Personal Accident Insurance of 2023

Best Overall : Combined Insurance Company of America

Combined Insurance

Combined Insurance

Combined Insurance Company of America is a clear choice for best overall for its long history and for providing insurance policies across all 50 states—the only insurer on this list with nationwide coverage.

  • Founded in 1922

  • Online quotes available

  • AM Best rating of A+ Superior

  • Coverage begins immediately

  • You need to contact an agent to purchase an accident insurance policy

Providing insurance for individuals and businesses across the nation, Combined Insurance Company of America was founded in 1922 in Chicago, Illinois. It holds an A+ (Superior) rating for financial strength from AM Best. The company offers personal accident insurance under its Accident Protector policy. You can easily request a quote on its website by selecting the type of coverage you need, providing your state of residence, and confirming that you are between the ages of 18 and 64 years old.

Combined Insurance offers four different types of coverage: individual, family, individual and children, and individual and spouse. If you're someone who likes to get a quote directly from a real person, you also can speak with one of their insurance agents directly through the company's national hotline.

With the company's individual policy coverage, you can expect to receive a payment of up to $800 for a qualified hospital admission, $200 per day for hospital stays, up to $100 for an ER visit from an accident, and up to $100,000 for accidental loss of life. Based on an online quote received for an individual between the ages of 18 and 64 living in California, the estimated monthly premium for an individual policy is $15.17 ($182 per year).

The policy is valid 24/7 and will provide coverage whether an accident occurs at work or during your free time. Benefits will be paid directly to you or your beneficiary, not to a medical facility, such as a hospital. The company also offers a combined accident and sickness plan with even more coverage options related to both illness and accidents.

Best for Price : American International Group, Inc.

American International Group, Inc.

 American International Group, Inc.

American International Group, Inc., also known as AIG, is our top pick for affordable options because it offers the lowest monthly premiums among the companies highlighted in this list.

  • Online quotes available

  • Different types of coverage and plans that fit your budget

  • No medical exam required

  • AM Best rating of A for financial strength

  • Coverage not available in all 50 states

  • Does not cover accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D)

Established in 1919, AIG is a global insurance company that provides services across the U.S. and in over 80 countries and has an AM Best rating of A for financial strength. 

You can request a quote on their website by simply filling out your date of birth and the state where you live, then selecting an individual plan or a family plan. AIG offers three different levels of coverage: basic, standard, and enhanced. The company's basic plan is the most affordable, with a monthly premium that starts at $4.41 for an individual. The standard starts at $13.37 per month, and the enhanced, which is the most comprehensive and expensive, starts at $19.67 per month. However, it's important to note these prices may vary depending on where you live.

These prices are based on a quote received online and include additional non-insurance services, such as health resources through a web-based program, expert medical consultation, online medical records, and secure email. You can opt out of these features to reduce the cost of your monthly premium. It's worth noting that AIG's accident insurance does not cover accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D). AIG offers an Accidental Death Plus plan that specifically covers AD&D, including coverage for paralysis, coma, and funeral planning, and that basic plan starts at nearly $10 per month.

Some of the highlights of the company's basic individual plan for a covered claim include: 

  • $250 for emergency transportation, per day 
  • $500 for emergency treatment, per day
  • $250 for in-hospital stay, per day
  • $500 for intensive care unit, per day

If you decide to go with the standard or the enhanced plan, you will get the following benefits:

  • $500 for emergency transportation, per day 
  • $500 for emergency treatment, per day
  • $400 for in-hospital stay, per day
  • $800 for intensive care unit, per day

However, as noted above, these benefits can vary by state. You can apply for a policy online or by calling the company's national hotline. You can cancel your policy at any time, and a refund will be issued for any unearned premiums.

Best for Claims Support : Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Liberty Mutual Insurance

 Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company will assign you a dedicated representative when you file a claim to ensure you have a fast and smooth process. This individual contact will actively update you on the status of your claim at every step of the process.

  • Covers emergency dental procedures

  • No medical questions asked

  • Includes AD&D benefits

  • Provides a designated representative to help with the claims process

  • Coverage not available in all 50 states (only 39 states and the District of Columbia)

With an A rating from AM Best, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company was established in 1912 and provides insurance services across the U.S. and throughout more than 29 countries and economies around the world. The company offers three different types of accident coverage and plans: basic, plus, and premium, and these flexible plans can be adjusted based on your needs.

To request a quote online, visit the website, select your state of residence, and enter your sex and date of birth, then answer a question about your current accident policy status (if any). Customers can receive up to $7,500 for an accident—such as up to $500 for an eye injury or $5,000 for a burn—or up to $50,000 for AD&D, for $8 to $10 per month, with the option to add extra emergency services for an additional cost. 

Rates and coverage vary depending on the state you live in and your sex. You can apply for an insurance policy online or by speaking directly with one of the sales agents available through the company's national hotline. We like that they don't leave you waiting to find out about a claim and instead assign a representative to your case until the claim is completed.

Best for Customer Service : The Guardian Life Insurance of America

Guardian Life

 Guardian Life

We chose The Guardian Life Insurance of America for best customer service because of its direct customer support, available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.–9 p.m. ET via email or phone. A representative from the insurance provider is ready to help answer all your questions regarding plans, coverage, and more.

  • A++ Superior rating from AM Best

  • Insurance coverage can be purchased online without speaking to an agent

  • No waiting period and no deductible

  • Coverage not available in all 50 states

The Guardian Life Insurance of America was founded in 1860 and holds an A++ (Superior) rating for financial strength from AM Best. It serves more than 29 million people across the nation and offers direct support for customers through the company's national phone line and via email with just one click on its website, raising the bar for customer service.

To request a quote online, enter your zip code, provide details about who you're seeking coverage for (yourself, a partner, children, etc.), and select your age range. 

The company offers two plan options. The Guardian Accident Protection Plus Silver comes at a monthly premium of $14.31, which offers $250 per day for hospital stays, $1,000 for emergency air transportation, and up to $25,000 for AD&D. The second option, Guardian Accident Protection Plus Gold, has a monthly premium of $20.98 and offers $300 for hospital stays, $1,400 for emergency air transportation, and up to $50,000 for AD&D. Customers have the choice of buying a policy online, without having to speak to an agent, or purchasing a policy over the phone with a helpful representative.

Best for On-Demand Coverage : Buddy Technology, Inc.

Buddy Technology, Inc

 Buddy Technology, Inc

While most plans provide coverage on an annual basis, the accident insurance provided by Buddy Technology, Inc., is unique. You can simply buy a personal insurance policy when you need it and for the precise period of time you need it for, whether that's a day, a week, a month, or a year. This feature makes Buddy Technology best for on-demand coverage in our review.

  • Live chat support

  • Instant online quotes

  • Policies can be purchased within 90 seconds

  • Does not provide coverage for accidents that occur while at work

  • Available in only 43 states and the District of Columbia

In 2017 a group of friends who love outdoor activities came together to found Buddy Technology, Inc., a company that offers on-demand insurance, providing instant and global coverage with no deductibles. Based in Richmond, Virginia, the company's insurance policies are underwritten by StarNet Insurance Company, which has an A+ Superior AM Best rating for financial strength.  

Customers are able to both request a quote and purchase a policy directly on Buddy's website by simply selecting the state where you live, providing information about who you're seeking coverage for, and selecting the length of the coverage and the dates you will need the coverage for. You also can share details about the activities you'll be participating in—such as climbing or free diving (this is optional and will not affect the price of your policy).

Across the country, Buddy's policies range from $8.25 to $14.48 for coverage for one day, $17.16 to $30.10 for coverage for one week, $46.79 to $82.07 for coverage for one month, and $42.91 to $75.26 per month for a year of coverage.

Some of the policy highlights include payments of up to $500 for an ER visit, $75 per physical therapy visit for up to 10 visits, and $250 to $5,000 for ambulance transportation (ground and air, respectively). If you purchase a policy that provides coverage for 10 days or more and you are not satisfied, you can cancel within 10 days of signing up (free look period) and get a full refund. The company offers customer service over the phone, via email, and over the website's live chat.

While a nationwide rollout is in the works, Buddy Insurance is available in only 43 states and the District of Columbia. You can enter your contact information on their website to find out when a particular state will go live.

What Is Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal accident insurance is a supplemental type of coverage you can buy on top of your existing health insurance. It offers financial support that gets paid directly to you in case you suffer an accident that is covered by your policy. Some accident insurance policies include Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage or you can purchase this separately.

What Is Covered by Personal Accident Insurance?

Under an accident insurance policy, you generally are covered for any accident you may experience during your daily life activities, and sometimes these include injuries suffered at work, but not in all cases. These policies provide a monetary benefit paid directly to you and can be used as you wish (i.e., to pay medical bills, rent, or child care); you are in charge of how to spend your money. Keep in mind that benefits will not be paid if you suffer an injury while under the influence of any drugs, as a result of self-harm, resulting from any sickness or disease not related to an accident, and other limitations. Make sure to read the fine print to see what is and is not covered by your insurance policy.

Is Personal Accident Insurance Necessary?

Deciding whether to purchase personal accident insurance is completely an individual choice and depends on the other types of insurance coverage you may have. If you already have life and disability insurance, this policy could be redundant. However, if you only have health insurance, this could cover a gap in your insurance coverage and help you pay any high-cost deductibles. It is important to note that accident insurance does not offer enough coverage to be exempt from the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

What Are the Expected Costs of Personal Accident Insurance?

The cost of personal accident insurance is relatively low compared to health insurance and other types of coverage. You may be able to find monthly premiums as low as $4 or as high as $50, depending on the company and type of coverage. These costs may vary based on your state, medical condition, type of coverage, and the number of people covered by the policy.

How We Chose the Best Personal Accident Insurance

We researched over 25 different companies that offer accident insurance policies and narrowed it down to the top five. To guide the selection process, these companies were held to the following criteria: coverage in a minimum of 20 states, an A rating or better from AM Best, the option for customers to request online quotes on their website, a variety of plan options, and requiring no medical questions to be answered to purchase a policy. These are some of the most important factors to people looking for personal accident insurance coverage.


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