Best Physician Mortgage Loans

How to choose the right lender as a medical professional

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Physician mortgage loans, or doctor loans, are mortgage loans specifically geared to medical professionals. They help doctors, dentists, and veterinarians overcome obstacles they often face when securing financing. 

Many healthcare professionals have substantial student loan balances and their past work history may not reflect their earning potential if they just recently completed their residency. This makes it difficult or impossible to qualify for a traditional mortgage. 

Physician loan lenders understand the unique situation doctors are in, as well as the fact most see rapidly rising salaries. Physician loans generally require a low down payment or none at all, don't consider student loans when evaluating loan eligibility, and accept a contract for future employment in lieu of proof of earnings a new doctor may not have. 

We've reviewed a list of 31 loan providers to find the seven best physician mortgage loans based on ease of qualifying, low down payments, and credit score requirements.  

The 7 Best Physician Mortgage Loans of 2021

Best Overall : TD Bank

TD Bank

TD Bank

TD Bank provides the ability to secure 100% financing on loans up to $750,000 with no private mortgage insurance (PMI). That's more than many lenders. A choice of a fixed or adjustable rate loan and the ability to close on your home before starting employment are other key benefits setting TD Bank apart.

  • Borrow up to $750,000 with no down payment or up to $1.25 million with 5% down

  • Borrow for not just single family residences, but also condominiums and co-ops

  • Self-employed borrowers are eligible with a minimum of two years of work history

  • You can qualify only if you are less than 10 years out of residency

  • No online application is available

  • Loans are not available in all states

As one of the top 10 financial services companies and a history dating back to 1852, TD Bank provides a wide variety of banking products and financial services, including physician mortgage loans.

TD Bank is our best overall provider of physician mortgage loans because it's available to a wide variety of medical professionals, doesn't require traditional proof of income, makes larger loans than most other physician mortgage loan lenders, and is open to self-employed borrowers. 

TD Bank refers to its loan as a Medical Professional Mortgage and it's available to licensed medical or dental residents, fellows who have completed a minimum of two years of their residency, as well as to dentists, oral surgeons, and practicing physicians including MDs, DOs, and DPMs. Only self-employed borrowers are required to provide two years of work history to get approved; other borrowers will appreciate the lack of documentation required. 

While this loan doesn't require a down payment, you will need to pay closing costs such as title insurance at the end of escrow. Like many lenders you must be borrowing for a primary residence.

Unfortunately, TD Bank operates in just 16 states.

Best for Ease of Approval : First National Bank

First National Bank

 First National Bank

First National Bank stresses its flexible underwriting, which makes it easy for borrowers to get approved. You even have the option to borrow for a second home, a vacation home, or new construction, while many lenders restrict you to borrowing only for a primary home.

  • Streamlined loan application process and dedicated point of contact allows for timely loan approval

  • Up to 100% financing is available with no PMI

  • Borrow for a primary residence, a vacation home, a or second home

  • No online application

  • Not available in all states

First National Bank wins for easy approval because the lender focuses on making approval as simple and fast as possible. First National allows you to begin the application process by simply adding the loan to your "cart" online and inputting your personal information. You'll then be paired with a private banker who will be your point of contact throughout the application process and help you work toward loan approval. 

First National is based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and has been offering financial services since its founding in 1864. It offers a full array of services, including asset management, private banking, small business banking, and mortgage loans, including physician mortgage loans available in 14 states

Its loans are available not just for primary residences, as many physician loans are, but also for vacation or second homes as well as new construction. You'll have a choice of a fixed or adjustable rate loan and can borrow up to 100% of the value of your home with no private mortgage insurance.

Best for Good Credit : Flagstar Bank

Flagstar Bank

 Flagstar Bank

Flagstar Bank's Professional Loan allows you to borrow up to $850,000 with 10% payment and no PMI, but you'll need a minimum credit score of 720 in order to qualify for this loan amount. Residents, fellows, and practicing physicians are all eligible and loans are available in all 50 states.

  • Borrow up to $850,000 with 10% down payment or up to $1.5 million with flexible down payment options

  • Loans are available in all 50 states

  • Close up to 60 days prior to the start of employment with a signed contract

  • All loans are adjustable rate mortgages; there are no fixed rate options

  • High minimum credit score requirements

Flagstar Bank is our top choice for those with good credit because its Professional Loan offers ample perks, though it is open only to those with credit scores of 700 or higher. First National has a larger loan limit than most other lenders, provides loans in all 50 states, and facilitates a fast closing, but you can't qualify unless your credit score is good to excellent. 

The lender started in 1987 and is a top five mortgage originator. The bank has 150 branches across five states but provides mortgage loans nationwide through a wholesale network of more than 2,350 third-party loan originators. 

Flagstar refers to its physician loan as a Professional Loan. It's open to residents, medical doctors, dentists, doctors of optometry or ophthalmology, podiatrists, DOs, veterinarians, nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists, and clinical nurse specialists. Eligible professionals can borrow up to $850,000 with a 10% down payment and no private mortgage insurance. Loans can be up to $1,500,000. This $1.5 million limit is higher than most other physician loan providers. 

While Flagstar doesn't offer fixed rate loans, the high borrowing limit makes it an attractive option for providers who plan to refinance as their career advances and before their rate begins adjusting.

Best for Fair Credit : Simmons Bank

Simmons Bank

 Simmons Bank

Simmons Bank provides physician mortgage loans to borrowers with credit scores as low as 640. You can finance a percentage of your closing costs and borrow up to $750,000 with no down payment and no private mortgage insurance required.

  • Finance up to 2% of closing costs on loans up to $750,000

  • Option to close on your loan up to 60 days before employment begins with a signed employment contract

  • Choice of fixed or adjustable rate loan options or balloon loans for single family homes or condominiums

  • No online loan application process

  • Available only in select locations

Simmons Bank is our review's best choice for you if your credit is imperfect, as it offers loans with a minimum credit score of 640 while others require a credit score of 700 or higher. Despite its more relaxed credit score requirements, Simmons Bank still provides many of the same benefits and features as other, more selective lenders do. 

Simmons Bank was founded in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, in 1903 and today operates in seven states and has more than 2,800 employees. It's been recognized as a Platinum Elite Lender and offers a wide variety of financial services, including checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, and mortgage loans. 

Its loan is called a Professional Provider Mortgage, and even borrowers with poor credit will be able to take advantage of the ability to secure their choice of a fixed, adjustable, or balloon mortgage from Simmons. Financing is available for borrowers with fair credit interested in purchasing single-family homes and condos as well as for new construction properties. And with no down payment requirements and the ability to finance part of your closing costs, you won't need much money to get into your home.

The Professional Provider Mortgage is available only to physicians, oral surgeons, and dentists who have completed their schooling and who are in residency, fellowship, or practice. Loans are available only in select markets, and you will need to contact Simmons to speak with a mortgage professional, but you can prequalify online.

Best for Low Down Payment : Lake Michigan Credit Union

Lake Michigan Credit Union

 Lake Michigan Credit Union

Lake Michigan Credit Union allows loans up to $650,000 with no down payment or private mortgage insurance. You can also opt to borrow up to $1 million with just a 5% down payment, and up to $2 million with a larger down payment.

  • Borrow up to $650,000 with 0% down and no PMI, up to $1 million with a down payment as low as 5%, and up to $2 million with larger down payments

  • You don't need any cash reserves to close on your loan

  • Your student loans won't count at all in debt-to-income calculations as long as your payments are deferred

  • Online application available

  • Must be a credit union member to qualify for a loan

  • Available only in Michigan and Florida

Founded in 1933, Lake Michigan Credit Union (LMCU) is the best choice if you want to borrow a lot of money with a low down payment, as this lender enables you to take a loans with 0% either 5% down and no private mortgage insurance. You can borrow up to $650,000 with 0% down and $1 million with 5% down. LMCU also allows loans up to $2 million with a bit larger down payment. This is a higher limit than many other lenders.

Its physician mortgage is called a Doctor Mortgage and is open only to credit union members. Medical, dental, and orthopedic professionals are all eligible to apply, and there is even an online application you can submit to get the process underway without having to visit a mortgage professional in person.

The Doctor Mortgage is especially affordable to obtain because there is no requirement you have a certain amount of cash reserves at closing. Those concerned about a down payment due to a lack of cash flow will especially appreciate this option. You'll also have a choice of fixed or adjustable rate mortgage loans and can borrow for a new home purchase, a refinance, or home construction.

Best for a Quick Closing : University Federal Credit Union

University Federal Credit Union

 University Federal Credit Union

University Federal Credit Union processes loans in-house, which means you'll get approved and get to closing more quickly than with many other lenders. In most cases, you should be able to close on your loan within 30 days.

  • Quick loan approval and funding due to in-house processing

  • Nurse practitioners and pharmacists are among the medical professionals eligible to borrow, along with medical doctors, veterinarians, and most other healthcare professionals

  • Can close on your loan up to 90 days before employment begins with a signed employment contract

  • Lower loan limits with no down payment compared to many other lenders

  • Credit union membership is required to qualify

  • Not available in all states

While many lenders take months to close, University Federal Credit Union is focused on helping you to get into your home faster. In fact, you can close on their Medical Community Loan within just a month, which makes it our top pick for a quick closing.

University Federal Credit Union is open to members of select organizations, those who work with certain employers, and those who attended certain schools. Both doctors and nurses are eligible for their physician mortgage loan as long as they are credit union members. Loans are available for up to $453,000 with no down payment or private mortgage insurance and for higher amounts with a small down payment.

Because University Federal processes loans in-house, they can guarantee a fast closing and it can take as little as 30 days to secure your home loan. Lenders that don't take this streamlined approach can take much longer, which can affect your ability to make a competitive offer on a home. There is also an in-house loan exception committee for those who might not qualify based on traditional underwriting standards.

Best for High Borrowing Limit : KeyBank



You can borrow up to $3.5 million with no private mortgage insurance with a physician mortgage from KeyBank, making it best for a high borrowing limit. You can also 0% down for some loan amounts. Loans are available for single-family homes, condos, and planned unit developments.

  • High borrowing limits, up to $3.5 million

  • Fixed or variable rate loan options

  • Loans available for primary or secondary homes

  • Loans are not available in all states

KeyBank was founded in Albany, New York, and currently operates in 15 states, managing more than $170 billion in assets. The bank offers a wide array of financial services including bank accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, investing and insurance, and mortgage loans.

KeyBank's physician mortgage is called a Medical Professional Loan and it's available to purchase an owner-occupied residence. You'll need to meet with a local mortgage loan officer to apply and can choose between a fixed or variable rate loan.

This lender stands out because of its maximum loan limit of $3.5 million, which is well above what many mortgage lenders offer for physician loans. It is possible to have up to 100% LTV (no down payment) as well with some loan sizes. As is the norm, higher loans sizes will require larger down payment percentages. If you're looking for a large loan Key Bank could be a great choice.


What Is a Physician Mortgage Loan?

A physician mortgage loan is available only to qualifying medical professionals such as doctors, dentists, and veterinarians. Most physician loans:

Who Should Get a Physician Mortgage Loan?

Qualifying medical professionals such as doctors, dentists, or veterinarians should consider a physician mortgage loan if:

  • You can't qualify for a traditional loan due to a high student loan balance
  • You have a low down payment or no down payment and want to avoid PMI
  • You don't have traditional proof of income but have a contract for employment

Some physician mortgage lenders limit loans only to doctors who have completed their residency within a recent time period (such as 10 years or less). 

Medical professionals with proof of income and the credentials to qualify for a traditional mortgage may be better off opting for a conventional loan instead to get a broader choice of lenders and potentially qualify for a loan at a lower interest rate. 

What Does a Physician Mortgage Loan Cost?

The cost of a physician mortgage loan varies by lender. You'll generally owe customary mortgage closing costs, such as an appraisal fee and title insurance costs. Some lenders also charge application fees and/or loan origination fees. Shop around and compare total loan costs to try to get the best overall price.

Physician mortgage loans generally have a slightly higher interest rate than conventional loans. However, if you are able to avoid having to pay PMI by securing a physician loan, this could offset this added cost. 

How We Chose the Best Physician Mortgage Loans

We reviewed more than 30 different physician loan providers to find lenders that made it easy to qualify for a loan, that provided generous funding, and that had minimal fees or added costs. First, we considered lenders available in a majority of states. We then considered whether they required down payments and how much was required. We evaluated factors including which medical professionals were eligible, maximum loan amounts, qualifying requirements, and types of loans available. The goal was to find affordable loans that the maximum number of medical professionals could qualify for.