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Bedminster, NJ


Dartmouth College


Forex , Central Banks, Interest Rates, Macroeconomics


  • Brian worked as a market-maker and spot FX trader for a dozen years at leading financial institutions, such as American Express, Credit Suisse, and Bank Julius Baer.
  • Spent a decade as the Chief Currency Strategist at (now and DriveWealth, where he was frequently cited in major financial media such as the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and Bloomberg.
  • Brian was also a frequent guest commentator on financial TV outlets, such as CNBC, Bloomberg, and MarketWatch.
  • Brian is the author of Currency Trading for Dummies, as well as numerous articles in trading journals, such as 'Futures' and 'Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities'.
  • Brian covers G-20 economic developments and their impact on major markets, with a keen eye on global interest rates, growth, and risk developments.


In addition to 'Currency Trading for Dummies,' Brian has also written extensively about stocks and rates markets over his three decade career in the financial markets. With FX as the central junction for all markets, Brian maintains a keen eye on global macro data and events and formulates strategies based on such fundamentals. Brian also employs technical analysis to fine-tune his market strategies. Brian's experience extends from FX positions to chief market analyst, covering all major asset classes, e.g., rates, commodities, stocks, and bonds. Brian seeks to make seemingly complex financial terms and market events into a readily understood theme, allowing readers to proceed with confidence.


Brian Dolan received his Bachelor's Degree in Economics and History from Dartmouth College. Brian also studied the German language, in which he is still fluent.

Quote from Brian Dolan

I combine fundamentals and technicals to develop my trading strategies, and always have a strict risk-management plan in place. It can be easy to make money in the market; the hard part is keeping it!