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Betterment Review 2019

By Claire Boyte-White  | June 20, 2018

This review is for Betterment's online investing platform from 2018. Our full 2019 review is coming soon.

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Overall Rating

Betterment Fast Facts

Jon Stein founded Betterment, the first publicly available robo-advisor, in 2008. The motive was to create the most customer friendly investment platform in the world. Unlike some robo-advisor brokerages, Betterment has no do-it-yourself trading platforms, only professionally built portfolios. Betterment's focus on personalization means no two investors will have quite the same investment mix. Betterment offers an automated investment product that feels more like an old-school brokerage relationship, but with all the tech perks and efficiency of a modern robo-advisor.


  • Tax-Efficient
    Accounts benefit from automated tax-loss harvesting and other tax-savvy strategies
  • Affordable
    No account minimum and annual fees starting at 0.25% of account balance
  • Centralized Investment Tracking
    See all your investment accounts in one place, even outside accounts
  • Asset and Market Diversification
    Portfolios are built from thousands of global ETFs for optimal diversification


  • No DIY Platform
    Betterment users cannot research and execute their own trades
  • No Personalization
    Only those with accounts over $100,000 can elect to alter portfolio weights and composition
  • ETFs Only
    Betterment portfolios do not include individual stocks, bonds, or other assets
$13.7 Billion
Assets Under Management
Forbes Fintech 50 list, 2016-2018

Products & Fees

Because Betterment offers only two managed-portfolio options, the pricing structure is simple. Betterment does not charge any additional transaction, account maintenance, or withdrawal fees. However, fund-level fees are not covered by the Betterment annual fees listed below. Investing in ETFs is one way that Betterment keeps its costs down for all users. Not only are ETFs a good way to gain exposure to a wide range of assets and markets, they are typically more cost-efficient, liquid investments than many other asset types. Betterment's focus on ETF investing enables them to make cost-efficient, tax-efficient portfolios with optimal diversification across asset classes and markets.

  • Digital Portfolio*
    0.25% of Account Balance Annually, Billed Quarterly
  • Premium Portfolio**
    0.40% of Account Balance Annually, Billed Quarterly
  • Stock/ETF
    Not Available
  • Foreign Stock
    Not Available
  • Options
    Not Available
  • Cryptocurrency
    Not Available
  • Penny Stocks
    Not Available
  • IPOs
    Not Available
  • Futures
    Not Available
  • Preferred Shares
    Not Available
  • Mutual Funds
    Not Available
  • Annuities
    Not Available
  • Bonds & Fixed-Income
    Not Available
  • Forex
    Not Available


Betterment is a FINRA member, which means it is fully regulated and adheres to all federal investment laws. As a member of the SIPC, Betterment clients are insured up to $500,000 per account type. Betterment uses internal and external systems to ensure corporate and client funds are never commingled. The company also assures clients that 100% of their invested assets would be returned in the event the brokerage fails.

Investments Insured
Up to $500,000
Cash Deposits Insured
Up to $250,000

What you need to know

Betterment also takes your online security seriously. In addition to using the latest encryption methods on both public and password-protected sites, Betterment offers two-factor authentication, staff background checks, automatic logouts, and regular hacker checks.

Special Features

Special Features

Betterment isn't your typical DIY brokerage, and it doesn't have the same suite of features you might find elsewhere. Instead, Betterment offers value-adding perks to their managed portfolios. From built-in tax-minimizing strategies to round-the-clock access to financial experts, Betterment's features make investing simple, transparent, and accessible.

Fully-Managed Portfolios
Robo and human advisors work together
Automatic Tax Loss Harvesting
Use losses to offset gains
Direct Access to CFPs
For Premium service clients
Betterment Auto-Adjust
Auto-adjusts allocation over time
Track External Investments
Sync outside accounts

What you need to know

The Betterment system is set up to help clients create a financial roadmap toward any goal. If your circumstances or goals change, simply update your Betterment profile and the system will adjust your recommended portfolio and contributions accordingly. All clients have access to professional financial advice at any time. The Betterment platform also makes it easy to sync and track all your investment accounts, even those held by other institutions. Betterment's system analyzes your external accounts and helps pinpoint excessive fees, poor performance, and places where idle cash could be put to better use. Those who purchase the Premium portfolio service receive direct access to certified CFPs, as well as personalized investment guidance for any outside accounts.

Desktop Experience

Desktop Platform Experience

While their web-based interface is intuitive and user-friendly, you won't find customizable charts, studies and indicators, pages of fundamentals, or backtesting and other tools. Instead, you can quickly and easily view your overall account performance and check on progress towards each of your specific goals. You can also adjust any of your profile settings -such as income, risk tolerance, tax filing status, timeline, and specific goals--so the Betterment system can update your portfolio accordingly.


The dashboard landing page clearly displays all your accounts and individual goals in one place. If you're not on track to meet your goal, the Betterment system lets you know by putting a red 'Off Track' tag next to the goal title. The platform makes deposits and withdrawals a snap, and educational resources and live support staff are just a click away. You can also designate charitable donations, rollover existing retirement accounts, and pull up tax forms from the header menu.


For its intended purpose, there aren't really any downsides to the Betterment platform. Of course, for investors who want to be behind the wheel or need a lot of data to feel in control, this brokerage is likely not a good fit.

Mobile Experience

Mobile Platform Experience

The Betterment app, like the web-based platform, is intuitive and easy to use. Users can quickly check on performance and asset allocation, see risk tolerance and other goal settings and make deposits. Unfortunately, the user must still log in to the website to make withdrawals.


The Betterment app makes it easy to view your current account performance and review your goal and account settings. Easy click-through screens show users how to manage their settings. The user can view accounts and goals, edit asset allocation and risk tolerance, make deposits, and transfer funds between goals. Upon initial login, users are prompted to set up either Touch ID or a PIN, adding another layer of security to standard password protection. If you navigate away from the app, you must enter your PIN or use Touch ID to log back in, but the app preserves your last viewed screen: a small but convenient feature.


The primary drawback of Betterment's mobile offering is that it still does not allow users to make withdrawals. Almost all functions found on the web-based platform are available in the app, though you won't find the same depth of long-term returns analysis. Standard asset allocation charts show users where their money is being invested, but to see long-term projections based on your current holdings or Betterment's suggested adjustments, you'll need to head to the website.

Customer Support

Since Betterment's focus is on providing a full-service investment product, customer support isa priority. For regular customer inquiries, support staff are available Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM (FC: ET), and Saturday and Sunday, 11 AM to 6 PM (for chat only). [FC: ET] App users can contact financial professional via chat with any investment or financial questions and get quick answers sent right to their phones. For clients who select the Premium services, certified financial planners are available over the phone to offer even more in-depth assistance.

What you need to know

Betterment works hard to provide support services for all its clients and has round-the-clock access to CFPs for Premium clients. The Contact page also has easy links to the searchable FAQ page, the dedicated Tax Resources page, and an automated chat bubble that helps users find the FAQ content they need or, if it isn't available, send an email support request directly from the website. Betterment also has a designated account on Twitter for social media help requests.

Research & Insights

Betterment's website offers a robust resources section that includes numerous articles on all aspects of investing, from basics to market commentary. The website also includes a selection of calculators and other tools to help users make sound investment decisions.

401(K) Calculator
Decide whether a traditional or Roth account is best for you
Tax-Coordinated Portfolio Calculator
See how your after-tax returns can benefit
Portfolio Analysis
Understand how your risk tolerance and goals impact asset choice
Diversification Quiz
Find out how much you understand about this crucial concept
Return Projections
See how your current asset allocation might play out long-term


Betterment provides a number of useful tools and calculators to help users better understand where their money is going and why. Each investment account has its own Portfolio Analysis section that displays the current asset allocation in a clear and accessible way. Users can view specific ETFs, their weights and annual expenses, and the total fund fees incurred annually for the given allocation. Since fund-level fees are not included in the Betterment annual fee, this is an especially useful bit of information. For those who want to think ahead, return projection charts clearly display three categories of projected returns--most likely, worst case, and best case--for your current portfolio.


Though being able to see exactly which ETFs are chosen for your portfolio is helpful, you won't able to access much more information. An external link will take you to the fund prospectus on a third-party site, but you'll have no way of seeing individual funds' historical performance or other key analysis tools without heading to another site. The information provided is a fantastic high-level overview, but will likely not be in-depth enough for investors who like to do some of their own analysis.


Betterment's educational offerings are where the brokerage shines. While there isn't much in the way of charts or other analysis tools, clients and casual visitors can access a wide range of educational articles. Resources include topics like the basics of ETFs, the Betterment ethos, updates on tax law, investment and banking legislation, and high-level strategy.

Retirement Education
Learn about account types, tax benefits strategies and how to save
Investing Advice
Learn how to leverage current trends and invest intelligently
Tax Center
Tax Center Understand your taxes with explanatory articles and other information

What you need to know

While the Betterment site isn't built for DIY investors looking to do serious analysis, it is a great resource for investors who are still learning the ropes. Between the Resources and FAQ pages, users can get a great understanding of investment strategies, ETF benefits, retirement planning, tax strategy, and current market trends.

Bottom Line

For investors who have financial goals and want the benefit of industry-leading technical guidance, Betterment is an ideal fit. The system is simple and easy to understand, and the step-by-step interface ensures users always know where their investments are going and why. Though only those with accounts of $100,000 are able to fine-tune their holdings, all users can adjust their risk tolerance, asset allocation blend, and investment horizon at any time, letting the Betterment system take care of keeping their portfolios in line with their changing needs. That being said, this is another full-service brokerage that isn't well-suited to DIY investors or data junkies. If you're looking for a brokerage with high-tech charting and analysis tools, this won't be the one for you. However, if you lack the time or inclination to fully self-direct your investments, or if you'd like to have some of your capital professionally managed while you go head-to-head with the market elsewhere, Betterment is one of the most popular options available.

Claire Boyte-White
Reviewed by Claire Boyte-White

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  • • Co-Author of I Am Net Worthy, a Millennial-focused book on financial independence


Claire has been writing about personal and corporate finance, retirement planning, investing, and tax policy since 2013.

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Claire received her Bachelors from Willamette University with a degree in Psychology.

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