eToro Review 2019

By Adam Hayes  | January 11, 2018

The brokerage eToro offers a unique way to invest, leveraging the concept of social trading, which uses sentiment and idea generation from both industry experts and everyday investors to provide insights into the markets.

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Overall Rating

eToro Fast Facts

The company is a leader in social trading, which leverages the analysis and opinions of experts as well as ordinary investors to help clients generate trade ideas and gain insight into the markets. Founded in 2006 in Israel, eToro now has offices in Cyprus and the U.K. Its proprietary web-based trading platform gives clients access to a range of markets, including stocks and ETFs, currencies, commodities, and now cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. (Note that eToro is not currently available to customers in the U.S. or Canada.) Users can copy the portfolios or trading ideas of other participants and also trade contracts for differences (CFDs) and spreads on a variety of products. With more than 4.5 million user accounts in 170 countries worldwide, eToro falls under the regulation of CySec and the National Futures Association.


  • Leader in the social trading space
    Learn from, interact with, and even automatically copy other members
  • Simple trading platforms
    Basic but flexible single-page web interface for all your trading
  • In-depth education center
    Wide range of learning tools, including videos and webinars, along with clear and helpful guides and tutorials
  • Easy access to cryptocurrency trading
    One of the first brokers to offer CFD and direct access to crypto markets like Bitcoin and Ethereum


  • Wider spreads than the competition
    The spreads on eToro's markets are somewhat wider (costlier) than its competitors'
  • Not available to U.S. or Canadian clients
    Because of regulation on CFDs and spreads, only clients from other countries can sign up
  • High customer complaints
    Users have been critical of unhelpful customer service and frequent site outages
  • Lack of in-depth research
    You're basically on your own to figure out if the price is right
Founded in Israel
Lowest Account Minimum
4.5 Million+
Accounts Worldwide

Products & Fees

Trading fees are built into the bid-ask spread that you'll see when you buy or sell a security. This simplifies the fee structure but can also obscure just how much you'll be paying for execution as opposed to other costs that are also included in the spread. Compared with other CFD brokers, eToro's fees seem a bit high. For example, the EUR/USD spread is 3.0 pips, while the industry average is just 0.80 pips, and the spread on the German DAX30 is 200 pips, with the industry average being just 15 pips. Clients are also charged fees for withdrawals, currency conversion, and inactivity if they don't log in at least once a year.

  • Account minimum
    $500-$1,000 USD*
  • Stocks
    0.09% per side of trade value
  • ETFs
    0.24% per side of trade value
  • Stock indices
    100-1,200 pips
  • Currencies
    3-20 pips**
  • Cryptocurrency
    0.70% trade value for Bitcoin, 2%-5% for others
  • Commodities
    2-45 pips
  • Currency conversion
    50-250 pips
  • Overnight fee
    Varies by market
  • Preferred Shares Inactivity fee
    $5 USD per month***
  • Withdrawal fee
    $25 USD
  • Preferred Shares
    Not Available
  • Promotions
    Not Available


While eToro has received negative feedback from users frustrated by platform outages, very long withdrawal times, and poor customer service, it falls under the regulatory regimes of many of the regions it operates in, so you can be sure that your money is safe and your privacy is secure. Brokering services are provided by eToro (Europe) Ltd., a registered Cypriot Investment Firm (CIF), and regulated by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySec). In the U.K., eToro UK is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA); eToro (Europe) Ltd. and eToro (UK) Ltd. both operate under and comply with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFid). Though it is currently not active and does not accept clients from the U.S., eToroUSA is operated by Tradonomi LLC, which is regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA).

In the U.K. and Cyprus
Up to EUR 20,000
Guaranteed compensation fund, per customer

What you need to know

CFD and cryptocurrency trading are inherently speculative and carry with them a large degree of risk. Still, your money is protected from fraud or malfeasance by the regulatory agencies that monitor eToro. The company operates with a best execution policy, and it keeps client funds in a segregated account, so that they are always separated from company assets. The separation of accounts is supervised both internally and externally.

Special Features

eToro special features

A few special features give eToro an edge against the competition. In particular, its focus on social trading offers individual customers access to the knowledge and opinions of a diverse set of minds, which they may find useful in formulating their own trading and investing strategies.

Use others proven trading method
Popular Investor Program
If people copy your trade ideas, you get a piece of the action
Buy and sell popular cryptocurrencies

What you need to know

At eToro, special features revolve heavily around social trading and investing. CopyTrader makes it possible to copy the best traders on the eToro trading network quickly and simply. All you need to do is open an account and then search for the top social investors. CopyFunds extends that concept to create a diversified portfolio for long-term investing. You can also join the Popular Investor Program and earn rewards if other users copy your trading strategies; you'll receive up to 2% of the assets under management in those strategies, depending on how many people copy you and how much they invest.

Desktop Experience

Desktop Platform Experience

eToro relies on a single-page web interface. Its clean design and flexibility make it easy to navigate and enter trades. The web platform is available in multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian, French, Russian, Polish, Chinese, and Arabic.


The eToro desktop interface is simple and clean; with just one page for controlling everything, you don't have to worry about getting lost on the site. Support is available in more than a dozen languages. The site also provides professional charting tools - just click on a ticker symbol to see real-time interactive charts.


On the downside, the website is all you get with the eToro desktop platform; there is no dedicated professional trading platform or MetaTrader integration. Moreover, if social trading isn't really your thing, you won't be maximizing the platform's usefulness.

Mobile Experience

Mobile Experience

The eToro mobile app is available for iOS and Android. The app features much of the same functionality and design elements as the desktop web version, while also incorporating functions unique to mobile devices, such as push notifications and the ability to swipe your finger to open trade tickets or charts.


- The app is easy to navigate. Tabs on every screen offer quick access to your account summary, watchlists, research, and the trade order interface.
- Commercial-free live streaming news from CNBC TV is available 24 hours a day, every business day.
- Options traders will enjoy Idea Hub, a tool that lets you explore options trading ideas.
- The Trade Calculator shows the potential profit or loss for your options strategy.
- With Mobile Deposit, you can use your smartphone to quickly deposit checks anytime


Since regulatory issues prevent U.S. or Canada-based customers from using eToro, the app is unavailable in those regions.

Customer Support

Web-based customer service is available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, using an online form. However, customer feedback indicates that response times and quality of support are less than stellar. No phone or email support is listed. In general, it appears that eToro's support services have not been able to scale as the company has grown, especially with its introduction of cryptocurrency trading in 2017. The brokerage has a Twitter account, @eToro, although that does not appear to be a customer support account.

What you need to know

Web-based customer service is available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday. Response times and quality of support are not always ideal. eToro's support services have not seemed to be able to scale as the company has grown. eToro has a twitter account but they do not have a devoted customer support account.

Research & Insights

Overall, research is not one of eToro's strong points. The company has teamed up with several third-party research providers to give clients access to basic equity research, analyst recommendations, and news headlines. These research features are available only for a select number of stocks and are absent for most currency pairs, indices, and commodities. While that sort of traditional research is lacking, however, eToro makes up for it with social and investor sentiment indicators.

Basic Equity Research
From third-party providers for select stock tickers
Social Media News Feed
Drawing on Twitter-like updates from the eToro user base
Pension Calculator
Determine how much to invest to meet retirement income goals
See and copy what other users are doing by sorting and filtering the user network
Momentum Indicator
Shows what percentage of users are buying or selling a particular security
EToro Blog
Regularly updated with articles and insights


A unique focus on social trading allows eToro clients to learn what other investors are doing and see how well their strategies are working for them. Clients can copy those strategies and even share their own. The momentum indicator shows what percentage of users are buying or selling in given markets, for clients who either want to avoid the herd or to join it.


Traditional research is not eToro's strong suit. Its third-party research is basic and limited to select stocks. The platform also provides little in the way of market-level research, as most of the social investing data involve individual securities or user portfolios. Fundamental analysts may also be disappointed by the lack of pre-calculated financial ratios.


While its research resources may be lacking, eToro does provide some general investor education along with advice to help clients become accustomed to its trading platform. The education center offers both text and video resources, including access to live webinars and online courses. Still, these tools are not as thorough or thoughtful as those found at some competing brokerages.

Platform Walkthrough
Get your bearings and learn about the site's functionality and features
Sign up for live webinars or view the archive of past videos
Online Classes
Take one of several e-courses to hone your trading skills

What you need to know

The eToro brokerage has made some effort to educate its customers and help them become familiar with CFD trading and other trading and investing strategies. The online e-courses, while somewhat basic and bare bones, could be useful to all levels of traders, from beginners to the more experienced, with progressive learning, engaging lessons, and interactive quizzes.

Bottom Line

At the forefront of social investing and trading, eToro gives its customers access to a unique set of tools to learn what others are doing and copy it if they wish. It also offers direct access to several cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum, which has helped expand its customer base since 2017. However, the company gets poor marks for customer support; customers report frustration over long waits to get support and to receive withdrawals. Research and education are modest compared with its competitors, so you're on your own to figure things out for the most part. For those reasons, eToro is best suited to seasoned traders who appreciate the wisdom of the crowd or who want regulated access to cryptocurrency markets. It is probably least suitable for long-term strategic investors or beginners looking to learn the ropes.

Frequently Asked Questions About eToro

Are withdrawals from eToro instant?

Withdrawals from eToro can take up to 1 business day for processing. Lack of certain documentation can cause further delays.

What cryptocurrencies are available with eToro?

The cryptocurrencies available with eToro are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Dash, EOS, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, Litecoin, Neo, Stellar, and Ripple. These currencies can be purchased or shorted.

Are buy and sell orders executed in real-time?

Buy and sell order with eToro are executed in real-time and customers can select any of their many offered stocks using their trading platform.

Do I need to add funds to open my position?

To effectively open a new buy or sell position you must have funds in your available balance. Without having funds you can not open a buy or sell position.

What is a popular investor on eToro?

A popular investor on eToro is someone who has built their own portfolio that other investors can use. To be a popular investor you must have applied and been accepted, your portfolio can only have a certain level of risk, and your portfolio must be unique to others. If you meet these requirements other investors can use your portfolio at which point you can receive fixed payments and up to 2 percent of their annual assets under management.

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