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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does gardening leave mean in business?

    Gardening leave is a transition period for employees who give or are given notice of termination, keeping them on the payroll but away from the workplace. Under the leave, employees are prohibited from working for the competition or themselves. A protectionist measure, the garden leave prevents the employee from sabotaging the work environment and from taking proprietary information to a competitor. The garden leave is primarily used in the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand, but was also introduced in Massachusetts in mid-2018.

  • What does modus operandi mean in business terms?

    The term "modus operandi" is a Latin term that describes an individual or group's habitual way of operating, which represents a discernible pattern. A modus operandi (commonly abbreviated as "M.O.") is mainly used to discuss criminal behavior and is often used by professionals to prevent future crimes. Modi operandi may change over time, particularly by adapting to experiences as well as changing values. Studying patterns, not just those of criminals, can aid individuals who study and pay attention to them, such as investors.

  • What does one belt one road mean in the business world?

    OBOR is a project that focuses on improving connectivity and cooperation among multiple countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe. OBOR's scope has expanded over the years to include new territories and development initiatives. Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan support OBOR thanks to the massive investments by China in local transmission projects in these nations.

  • What is a one-stop shop?

    A one-stop shop is a business or office that offers multiple services or products to customers. The business strategy behind the one-stop shop is to provide convenience and efficiency to clients, gaining loyalty as well as revenue. For the consumer, using a one-stop shop can be efficient and provide insight into one's affairs, but it can also limit options and be more expensive.

  • What does groupthink mean when it comes to business?

    Groupthink is a phenomenon in which individuals overlook potential problems in the pursuit of consensus thinking. Any dissenters in the group who may attempt to introduce a rational argument are pressured to come around to the consensus and may even be censored. The Challenger shuttle disaster, the Bay of Pigs, Watergate, and the escalation of the Vietnam War are all considered possible consequences of groupthink.

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