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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are UPS and FedEx the same?

    While both companies have overlapping business models and markets, UPS specializes in domestic ground package delivery and FedEx specializes in rapid, time-sensitive international air freight.

  • What is the difference between business intelligence and competitive intelligence?

    Competitive intelligence involves researching and understanding a business’s industry and primary competitors while business intelligence entails software programs and applications that aid in strategic planning for a business.

  • How do you calculate an EBITDA margin using Excel?

    To calculate EBITDA margin you simply need to add together the earnings before interest and taxes from the income statement to the depreciation and amortization from the statement of operating cash flows. Then, you can divide the EBITDA by the period’s revenue to arrive at the EBITDA margin percentage.

  • What is meant by the Internet of Things (IOT)?

    The IOT refers to the totality of internet-enabled devices, connecting through wifi, Bluetooth, data plans, or near-field communications, such as computers, mobile devices, wearable technologies, and smart appliances like thermostats, home security systems, and refrigerators.

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