Capital One Adds New Perks for Venture Cardholders, Deadline for Venture X Bonus

The bank adds another transfer partner and more value to Capital One Travel

Capital One has announced new additions to its list of travel transfer partners and is adding the option to cancel a flight through Capital One Travel for any reason. Additionally, the card issuer has added a deadline for the inaugural new-cardholder bonus on the Venture X credit card.

Key Takeaways

  • Capital One is beefing up its offering for select business and consumer cardholders.
  • The bank has added Virgin Red as a transfer partner and has introduced a limited-time offer on other transfers.
  • Venture and Spark Miles cardholders will also get more value through a flight cancellation feature on the Capital One Travel platform.
  • The card issuer has also set a deadline for new Venture X cardholders who want to earn the inaugural 100,000-mile and vacation rental offer.

Capital One Adds Value to Its Travel Offering

Capital One has caught up with other top travel rewards programs in recent years, adding transfer partners to its Venture and Spark Miles rewards programs, launching Capital One Travel and introducing the premium Venture X credit card.

Today, the card issuer has announced additional features that will add even more value for new and existing cardholders:

  • New transfer partner: Capital One will soon add Virgin Red to its list of 1:1 transfer partners. The new loyalty program works across all brands in the Virgin family, and Capital One is currently the only credit card issuer partnering with the program. The bank now has 16 travel transfer partners.
  • Other transfer partner bonuses: The card issuer has launched a promotion offering 20% bonuses on transfers to Aeromexico Club Premier, Avianca LifeMiles, and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. In other words, if you transfer 1,000 miles to any of these partners from March 1 to March 31, you'll receive 1,200 points or miles with the partner airline or hotel group.
  • New flight cancellation feature: Capital One will soon launch a feature on its booking platform, Capital One Travel. The new feature will allow Venture and Spark Miles cardholders to cancel a flight for any reason and receive 70% to 90% of their money back in lieu of a travel voucher, for a small fee. There are no questions asked and you can cancel up to 24 hours before your first scheduled departure time. According to a Capital One representative, your fee and refund will depend on the flight route, how far in advance the flight was booked, the departure date and other factors.

Additionally, Capital One has announced a deadline for the 100,000-mile offer on its new Venture X credit card. If you apply by March 14, you'll receive 100,000 bonus miles if you spend $10,000 in the first six months. You can also get up to $200 in statement credits toward Airbnb or VRBO purchases during your first year with the card.

It's unclear yet what the new-cardholder bonus will be after the March 14 deadline.

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