Cash-Back Credit Cards

Cash-back rewards are bonuses paid to credit card customers when they use cards to make a purchase from a pre-approved list of products. Read more to find out if this type of card is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I add an authorized user to leverage their spending for cash back rewards?

    Yes, an authorized user can be added to a primary account that will allow the account holder to accumulate cash back rewards from the spending on that additional card. Authorized users are typically spouses, partners or children but can include any trusted individual designated by the primary account holder.

  • Where do I find the cash back rewards information on a credit card?

    The specific terms for a cash back credit card, such as cash back percentages earned for various types of spending, annual fees and interest rates can be found within disclosure information on the issuer’s website as well as within the cardholder agreement that is sent to new customers upon account opening. Ultimately, the cardholder agreement is the governing document for the account and supercedes any other disclosures.

  • Is it possible to pay off other credit cards with a cash back card?

    No, one credit card can not be used to directly pay off the balance of another credit card. This prevents individuals from gaming the system and using payments for amounts owed on other cards to earn rewards points, miles or cash back without spending money for new purchases. Balance transfer and convenience checks can be used from one account to pay down another but these payment methods do not earn rewards.

  • Can you earn cash back rewards in Bitcoin?

    Yes, there are recent cash back rewards credit cards that have been launched by fintech companies that allow rewards to take the form of Bitcoin rather than straight cash back. Issuers such as BlockFi, Gemini and Upgrade now offer cards that earn cash back in Bitcoin, while Sofi offers a rewards card that allows points to be redeemed for cryptocurrency.

  • How do I stop getting cash back credit card offers in the mail?

    The best way to stop getting credit card offers in the mail is to sign up for the national do not mail registry at or Once an individual adds their name and mailing address to this list junk mail should stop within a few months and the protection lasts for five years, though opt-in and opt-out choices can be made as needed at any time.

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