General Manager

Resides In

New York, New York


DePauw University


Credit Cards, Student Loans, Mortgages, Consumer Credit Reports & Scores, Personal Finance, Budgeting


  • Runs business and brand strategy for The Balance as its General Manager
  • Led editorial strategy and operations for The Balance for three years as its Editorial Director
  • Spent more than a decade as a journalist, primarily focused on helping people understand how to improve their credit scores, use credit cards, manage student loans, and finance home purchases


Christine DiGangi has dedicated the majority of her career to financial education, writing thousands of articles about the consumer credit system and how to manage personal finances. In 2019, she joined The Balance as Editorial Director. She stepped into the role of General Manager in 2022, after three years of leading The Balance's content strategy and operations.

Previously, Christine served as the managing editor of mortgage content at LendingTree, an editor and writer for, communications coordinator for the Society of Professional Journalists, and a copy editor for The New York Times. She has more than a decade of experience in service journalism, as a reporter, editor, and vocal advocate for ethics and accuracy in publishing.

Her writing has been featured on MarketWatch, USA Today, MSN Money, Yahoo Finance, and The New York Times International Weekly. Christine has also spoken about budgeting, student loan management, and investing at community events attended by a wide range of people, from high school students to retirees.

While leading the editorial team at The Balance, Christine set the publication's standards for high-quality service journalism, followed by the dozens of writers and editors who contribute to The Balance. She developed a multi-layered editing process that follows strict sourcing standards in service of publishing accurate, clear, helpful articles for The Balance's millions of readers.


Christine has a B.A. in English writing with a minor in mass communication from DePauw University, where she served as editor-in-chief of The DePauw, Indiana's oldest college newspaper.