University of California Los Angeles School of Law, University of Rochester


Personal Finance, Law, Insurance


  • Christy has more than 12 years of personal finance experience 

  • Articles have appeared on sites such as USA Today, Glassdoor, Yahoo Finance, and MSN Money

  • JD Degree and BA in English, Media and Communications


Christy has more than a decade of personal finance experience and has focused her writing on helping people to make smarter money decisions. She has written for The Balance, LendingTree, Student Loan Hero, Credit Karma, and many other publications. 

Christy has been writing professionally for the web since 2008. She has written personal finance, legal, and insurance content. In addition to producing articles, news stories, and blog content, she has also worked as a subject matter expert helping to design personal finance, English, business, and paralegal studies courses.


She graduated from UCLA School of Law with JD. Prior to attending law school, she earned her BA from the University of Rochester, majoring in English, Media and Communications. She also obtained a business certification from the University of Rochester.