• Associate Editor at Investopedia
  • Honed editorial skills and strategized content growth at Publishing Concepts
  • Clay has also worked with nonprofits on media-related strategies


Clay Halton is an Associate Editor at Investopedia. He edits a variety of content, ranging from personal finance to trading and investing.

After graduating from college with an English degree, Clay moved to New York to pursue publishing as a career. He has worked in different fields of publishing, from health literacy digital media to self-publishing companies.

After more than a year and a half of editing finance content at Investopedia, Clay is interested in learning how to utilize digital content to help people make better financial decisions.


Clay received his BA in English from Webster University and graduated with honors.

Quote from Clay Halton

"It’s rewarding to work for a company that offers so much helpful information and numerous resources for the average person because many people do not receive a detailed education in financial literacy. I enjoy editing articles that I know will have an impact on the person reading them."