Associate Editor, News

Resides In

New York, New York


McGill University, The New School


Economics, Government & Policy, Investing


  • Associate editor for Investopedia focused on tech news and other financial news
  • Manages timely updates to Investopedia's vast library of evergreen content
  • Co-editor of #Charlottesville: White Supremacy, Populism, and Resistance (OR Books, 2018)


Colin Laidley is an Associate Editor for Investopedia focused on tech and financial news. He manages timely updates to Investopedia's library of educational content and edits and fact-checks articles on a wide variety of topics, including investing, economics, and personal finance. Previously he served as the senior research coordinator for Investopedia, working closely with contributors to ensure all content is accurate, comprehensive, and follows the publication's editorial standards.

Prior to joining Investopedia, Colin was an editor at Public Seminar, a digital journal of politics and culture, where he co-edited #Charlottesville: White Supremacy, Populism, and Resistance. He was also a fact-checking intern for Bookforum Magazine.


Colin received his B.A. in history and political science from McGill University. He received his M.A. in publishing and journalism from The New School.