Colorado Real Estate School Review

Pre-licensing, exam prep, and continuing education classes

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Colorado Real Estate School

Colorado Real Estate School

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Our Take

Colorado Real Estate School offers completely online pre-licensing real estate agent and broker courses as well as exam prep and continuing education classes. It also offers community association manager classes. It’s a good option for those who want to get their license online and work in the real estate industry in Colorado.

  • Pros & Cons
  • Key Takeaways
  • Company Overview
Pros & Cons
  • Choice of online class package

  • Industry expert instructors

  • Free class offered on real estate law

  • No campus locations

  • Only offered in Colorado

  • No mobile app

Key Takeaways
  • Colorado Real Estate School offers real estate pre-licensing courses for salespeople and brokers.
  • Continuing education classes and community association manager courses are available.
  • Colorado salesperson licensing course packages start at $399. 
Company Overview

Colorado Real Estate School was founded by a real estate professional with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. It was started to bridge the gap in online learning by combining high-quality real estate instruction with cutting-edge technology. All courses are offered completely online in a self-paced format. The school tailors its courses to new and experienced real estate professionals. 

Courses are offered in Colorado and the school is not ARELLO or IDECC accredited meaning that neither institution gave its seal of approval to the school for its online learning programs. However, Colorado Real Estate School is accredited by Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools. It also has positive reviews as seen from third-party sites and on its website.

  • Year Founded Unknown
  • Kinds of Courses Prelicensing, continuing education, exam prep, and community association manager classes
  • Number of States Where Courses Are Offered 1
  • Price $399+ for pre-licensing package
  • Contact Email and telephone:; 1-303-363-9882
  • Official Website
Colorado Real Estate School

Colorado Real Estate School

overall rating

Colorado Real Estate School is not one of our top-rated online real estate schools. You can review our list of the best online real estate schools for what we think are better options.

Colorado Real Estate School is an entirely online real estate school that offers self-paced real estate classes. Its goal is to help real estate professionals prepare for a career in real estate or achieve more in their current career. The school takes full advantage of the latest internet technology to create engaging content which makes classes more enjoyable and information easier to retain. It offers instructor-led classes on-demand that can be taken from the comfort of your home at any time. 

Pros Explained

  • Choice of online class package: Choose from one of three real estate agent pre-licensure packages. The packages are tiered with the highest tier including a webinar and a bonus class.  
  • Industry expert instructors: All classes are taught by instructors with teaching and field experience and you can take them without setting foot in a classroom. 
  • Free class offered on real estate law: See how you like the online class format without paying and learn more about the law as it pertains to real estate which is helpful for real estate transactions. 

Cons Explained

  • No campus locations: The school only offers online courses so it isn’t a good fit if you want to take courses in a classroom with the ability to interact with your instructors and the other students.  
  • Only offered in Colorado: If you want to work in the real estate field in a state other than Colorado, you will need to choose another school because this school is solely for Colorado real estate professionals. 
  • No mobile app: There is no app to download on your smartphone or tablet so the courses aren’t as easy to take on the go as.

All About Real Estate Agents and What They Do

Available Courses

Colorado Real Estate School offers online Colorado pre-licensing real estate agent courses, a course for brokers, exam prep, and continuing education classes. There are three real estate agent pre-licensing course packages to choose from.

There is also a broker administration course for associate brokers who want to upgrade their licenses to employing broker status. Other courses are for salespeople from other states and attorneys who want to get their Colorado real estate licenses, a course for those who want to activate an expired real estate license, and a course for community association managers.

It is no longer required to have a Community Association License in Colorado, so the community association management course is for educational purposes only and to teach you about the industry and its regulations. It doesn’t come with a completion certificate.

Salesperson Pre-licensing

Salesperson pre-licensing courses are offered in a self-paced format. There are three packages to choose from ranging from $399 to $550. Each package includes the 168 hours of required course hours and comes with instructor-led video streaming that you can watch and complete at home. All packages include email and webinar instructor support and the top tier class also includes instructor phone support. All courses include unlimited practice exams, a digital textbook, and real estate math practice.

You can purchase a hard copy of the textbook for an additional $49. The top tier package, known as Deluxe, also includes an exam prep webinar with the Standard and Enhanced tiers offering the same webinar for a discounted price, but not for free. The Enhanced and Deluxe are the top two tiers and also include a prep tool assessment digital guide to passing the state exam and an introduction to commercial real estate class. The Standard tier course is available for six months; the Enhanced package can be accessed for eight months; and the Deluxe package can be accessed for 10 months. 

Exam Prep

There are five different exam prep options available to aspiring Colorado real estate agents. You can purchase a state exam prep system, a national exam prep system, or a combination of the two. Purchased individually, the state and national exam prep classes are $89 each, or you can bundle and save money by getting both for $149. 

Other exam prep options include a live full-day instructor-led webinar that involves eight hours of intense exam prepping which is $100 on its own. Or you can purchase it in a package along with the other state and national exam prep courses mentioned above for $199. Weekly access to a live instructor-led question-and-answer webinar is included in the exam prep packages.

Continuing Education

Colorado Real Estate School offers continuing education classes online that are all state-approved and created by industry experts with years of experience. Continuing education classes can be purchased separately or as a bundle and range from $25 to $199. Class topics include contracts, environmental law, and manufactured homes. The school does a good job of offering the required courses plus some elective courses on a variety of interesting industry-appropriate topics.

Course Format

All of the pre-licensing courses for Colorado Real Estate School students are offered online in a self-paced format. They include the required courses and some extras like webinars and additional courses that can be taken from the comfort of your home on the schedule that best suits you. All courses include digital books that are needed for the course with the option of purchasing a hard copy of the textbook for an additional fee. Courses include unlimited practice exams, real estate math problems, streaming videos taught by instructors, and some type of instructor support, whether it’s through webinars, by phone, or by email. 


The instructors who teach at Colorado Real Estate School are all industry veterans, some with 15 years of experience. The faculty is composed of licensed Colorado real estate agents who are also credentialed instructors with varying teaching credentials. They have helped thousands of students pass the Colorado real estate exam the first time. The school’s founder is also an educator with more than thirty years of teaching experience. Instructors can be reached through email and through weekly webinars. 

Additionally, if you purchase a top-tier pre-licensing package, you get access to instructor support through the phone. The instructor will give you a number to call and the hours they are available. 


Colorado Real Estate School has a strong reputation as an online school with overall positive student reviews and high exam passage rates according to their website, but the school does mention that there is much more to the success of its students than exam passage rates, so it doesn't release exact numbers. Student reviews on third-party sites and on its own website are positive and students typically appreciate that they can take classes around their busy schedules. The elective options are also praised, and the website is easy to navigate and includes licensure information as well as an FAQ section. 


Colorado Real Estate School offers affordable online courses with varying price ranges. Continuing education classes range between $25 and $199. Exam prep courses run from $89 to $199. Individual real estate courses for brokers, expired licensees, and attorneys who want to get their real estate license range from $199 to $349, and the community manager association course is $399.

Real estate agent pre-licensing classes are sold in three packages which are priced at $399, $450, and $550. 

Customer Service 

You can reach customer service at Colorado Real Estate School on their website or via phone at 1-303-363-9882. Business hours aren’t listed on the site but the school’s office is in Colorado, so it is on GMT. You can also email them at Additionally, there is an online contact form on their site for questions and feedback and a separate section to reset your login password. 

Competition: Colorado Real Estate School vs. Kaplan

Kaplan is synonymous with being a leader in the online educational space. It’s well-known and has a positive reputation. It offers two formats of online real estate courses: live-online and self-paced on-demand courses. It offers pre-licensure, exam prep, and continuing education courses. We decided to compare Kaplan and Colorado Real Estate School because both schools provide online real estate courses in Colorado. However, Kaplan offers programs for all 50 states. 

Overall, we recommend choosing Kaplan because it’s a reputable online educational provider and it offers different course formats for different learning styles such as self-paced or live online classes. Additionally, you can take classes on other subjects from the same provider which is convenient.

  Colorado Real Estate School Kaplan 
Pricing $399+ for pre-licensing in Colorado $599+ for pre-licensing in Colorado
Courses Offered  Real estate licensing continuing ed, exam prep, and community manager association classes  Real estate licensing, exam prep, continuing ed, and more
Number of States Courses are Offered  50 
Course format  Self-paced online  Live online and on-demand 
Final Verdict

Colorado Real Estate School is a viable option if you’re interested in attending online real estate courses at your own pace with the intention of working in Colorado. It is priced in the middle of what other schools charge. The school has helpful steps on how to get your real estate license in Colorado, FAQs on its site, and multiple ways to contact both customer service agents and instructors. There is also a nice variety of continuing education electives and provides informational courses on real estate law and community association management. However, it isn’t IDECC or ARELLO certified and only offers courses in one state.

Our Methodology: How We Review Real Estate Schools

When we review real estate schools, we take on a quantitative approach. We thoroughly research and analyze numerous aspects of each provider including their overall reputation from third party sites and previous student reviews. Additionally, we consider the states that courses are offered in, the course format, instructor qualifications, and how easy the site is to navigate, and if the school offers any additional resources to its students.