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How did the world’s biggest companies get so big? And what makes some high flyers ultimately fail? Learn about business models, how companies are structured, and the ways major companies make money, handle competition, and build business empires.

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Virtual feedback forms that allow a user to rate price, delivery, support, and “other” with one to five gold stars
What Is Trustpilot?
Black-Owned Public Companies
TikTok Logo
TikTok: What It Is, How It Works, and Why It’s Popular
Better Business Bureau website
Better Business Bureau: An Overview and How Its Ratings Work
Tire rubber products , Group of new tires for sale at a tire store.
Companies Built On A Single Product
The Netflix P/E Ratio: What You Need To Know
Stock Exchange on Tablet PC
What You Need To Know About Alphabet's Stock P/E Ratios
Wales Daily Life 2019
How to Analyze Netflix's Income Statement
low angle view of the skyscrapers in nyc
The Motley Fool vs. TheStreet: Which Is Which?
Technician Repairing the Computer's Circuit Board by Soldering
Who Are Intel's (INTC) Main Competitors?
Valuation Models: Apple's Stock Analysis With CAPM
The Rise and Fall of WorldCom: Story of a Scandal
Detroit Pawn Shop
How Pawnshops Make Money
McDonald's (MCD) Stock: Capital Structure Analysis
Average Price-to-Earnings Ratio in the Telecommunications Sector
What is the average debt-to-equity ratio of wholesale sector companies?
Young Man Using the Self-Service System
The 10 Biggest Latin American Banks
Top 10 Largest Law Firms in the World
Bank of New York Mellon office building in New York City
How Bank of New York Mellon Makes Money
Analyzing Google's Balance Sheet
Trading House
Trading House: Definition, Benefits, Example
A Boeing 757 with a new Delta Airlines logo.
Analyzing Porter's 5 Forces Model on Delta Air Lines
The singer and song writer Beyoncé.
What Are the Brands and Businesses of Beyoncé?
The word inventory spelled out on a Scrabble game.
What Are Some Examples of Just-In-Time Inventory Processes?
Baby Bills
Baby Bills
eBay vs. Amazon: What's the Difference?
5 Key Suppliers of Walmart
How Starbucks Can Profit From Alibaba Alliance
The Most Successful Corporations in the U.S.
Big Four
What Are the Big 4 Accounting Firms? Definition and Critique
How Do BitTorrent Sites Like The Pirate Bay Make Money?
Walt Disney Stock: A Dividend Analysis
Starbucks company sign with logo
Starbucks' 6 Key Financial Ratios (SBUX)
What Does It Mean When Airline Revenues Are Adjusted for Air Traffic Liability?
NFL referee Shawn Smith #14 signals for a penalty during an NFL football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers at Lincoln Financial Field
How the NFL Makes Money
An NBA Storefront
The NBA’s Business Model
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Case Studies of Successful Enterprise Resource Planning
soccer ball
How FIFA Makes Money: Global Football and Licensing
Full Frame Shot Of Paper Currencies On Table
5 Companies With Huge Free Cash Flow
Who Are Starbucks’ Main Competitors?
A Berkshire Hathaway presentation
Risks and Rewards of Berkshire Hathaway
A hand drawn mutual fund graph
How Mutual Fund Companies Make Money
Mutual vs. Stock Insurance Companies: What's the Difference?
S&P Capital IQ Definition, Products and Services
Top 10 Insurance Companies by the Metrics
Businessman Talking in Meeting
Incumbent: Definition, Meanings in Contexts, and Examples
Group of people having business meeting.
Export Trading Company Defined, Reasons for Using One
SunEdison Solar
SunEdison: A Wall Street Boom-and-Bust Story
Blue pipelines leading to a refinery
The 7 Biggest Canadian Natural Gas Companies
Meta Platforms
Facebook’s Advantage Over Other Social Media
What Does "WPPSS" Refer to in Muni Bond Defaults?
Business couple standing on flying arrows.
Financial Characteristics of a Successful Company
World's Top 10 Hedge Funds
StubHub's Top 5 Competitors in Ticket Reselling
The Different Trading Desks of an Investment Bank
Financial Graph
3 Secrets of Successful Companies
Group of business people during business seminar, listening to presentation.
The Best Real Estate Companies to Work For
What Are the Most Famous Monopolies?
Cityscape at Sunset
The 5 Biggest Financial Advisory Firms in the U.S.
fender guitar player
Top 5 Companies Owned by Fender