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How did the world’s biggest companies get so big? And what makes some high flyers ultimately fail? Learn about business models, how companies are structured, and the ways major companies make money, handle competition, and build business empires.

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TikTok: What It Is, How It Works, and Why It's Popular
Better Business Bureau website
Better Business Bureau: An Overview and How Its Ratings Work
Tire rubber products , Group of new tires for sale at a tire store.
Companies Built On A Single Product
The Rise and Fall of WorldCom: Story of a Scandal
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The 10 Biggest Latin American Banks
Top 10 Largest Law Firms in the World
Trading House
Trading House: Definition, Benefits, Example
The singer and song writer Beyoncé.
What Are the Brands and Businesses of Beyoncé?
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What Are Some Examples of Just-In-Time Inventory Processes?
The Most Successful Corporations in the U.S.
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How the NFL Makes Money
An NBA Storefront
The NBA’s Business Model
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Case Studies of Successful Enterprise Resource Planning
How FIFA Makes Money
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5 Companies With Huge Free Cash Flow
Businessman Talking in Meeting
Incumbent: Definition, Meanings in Contexts, and Examples
Group of people having business meeting.
Export Trading Company (ETC)
SunEdison Solar
SunEdison: A Wall Street Boom-and-Bust Story
Business couple standing on flying arrows.
Financial Characteristics of a Successful Company
StubHub's Top 5 Competitors in Ticket Reselling
Financial Graph
3 Secrets of Successful Companies
What Are the Most Famous Monopolies?
fender guitar player
Top 5 Companies Owned by Fender
How 3M Makes Money
8 Companies Raising the Minimum Wage
Female manual worker taking notes at a factory
Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
Mature Businessman Leading Meeting in Office
Nomination Committee
How Coursera Makes Money
Man holds fist of dollars.
How Quora Works and Makes Money
3 Most Profitable Luxury Hotels
Who are ADP's Main Competitors?
How Charities Make Money
Credit report
How Credit Karma Makes Money
8 Companies That Had Good Intentions and Bad Outcomes
What Is the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC)?
Close-Up of Hand Using Mobile Phone
National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC)
How Riskalyze's Risk Analysis Software Works
Low angle view of skyscrapers
What Is FINRA's Central Registration Depository (CRD)?
Mississippi Company
How to Spot Recession-Resistant Companies
White Shoe Firm
Many rows of blue shopping carts outside by store with closeup by parking lot
Cannabis Sativa Plant
How Canopy Growth Makes Money
Luxor MGM Resorts
How MGM Resorts Makes Money
Business Model
What is a Business Model with Types and Examples
Darth Vade Costume
Why Is the Star Wars Franchise So Valuable?
Who Are ADT Corporation's Main Competitors?
Willis Building skyscraper mirroring Lloyd's of London HQ
Lloyd's of London
5 Top Public Sector Companies in India
Chess overhead View of One Pawn Figure Standing Against Mighty Enemies.
Moody's Analytics
Baidu: What It Is, What It Does, History, Stock, Vs. Google
How Much Does the NCAA Make Off March Madness?
Businessman Keeping Japanese Yen Money Into Suit Pocket
Salad Oil Scandal
Andersen Effect
Andersen Effect
Woman using her laptop with headphones
Global Crossing
A photo of the CN tower in Toronto.
The 5 Biggest Canadian Law Firms
SolarCity vs. First Solar: Fierce Competition in the Solar Power Market
6 Successful Companies That Are Employee-Owned
Indeed vs. LinkedIn: What's the Difference?