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Wondering why you see "The Investopedia Team" as the author of many of our financial definitions? Having written, expanded, and regularly updated our financial terms dictionary over the last 20 years, it would not be accurate to only credit the work of a single author or editor on most definitions. In some cases, as many as 20 different writers, editors, fact checkers, copy editors, editorial advisors, and financial experts have made significant contributions and changes to each definition over the years. All those changes are intended to bring you the most accurate information possible.

In the future, we plan to showcase the history of each term's evolution and all of those expert writers and editors who have contributed to it. Today, we make it easy to learn more about our editorial policies, our financial review board, and our anti-bias review board.

Here is an overview of our current editorial staff overseeing the content of the site and all of the contributors to it:

Caleb Silver, Editor in Chief

Anna Attkisson, Senior Editorial Director

Ben Woolsey, Associate Editorial Director, Financial Products and Services

Julia Kagan, Senior Editor, Personal Finance

Vinamrata Chaturvedi, Senior Editor, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Sienna Wrenn, Special Projects Editor

Gabe Alpert, Editor

Clay Halton, Editor

Jess Feldman, Associate Editor, Special Projects

Colin Laidley, Associate Editor

Ward Williams, Associate Editor