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  1. Chart Strategy

    On Neck Pattern

    On neck candlestick denotes a continuation pattern with a long bear candle, followed by a short bull candle that fails to ...
  2. Mortgage Rates

    Mortgage Rates

    View current daily average mortgage rates for fixed and adjustable rate loans. Learn more about mortgage rates and how we ...
  3. Chart Strategy

    Demand Index

    The Demand Index is a complex technical indicator that uses price and volume to assess buying and selling pressure affecting ...
  4. Chart Strategy

    Ladder Bottom/Top

    The ladder bottom and ladder top are five-candle reversal chart patterns found on candlestick charts.
  5. Trading Strategy

    Fibonacci Retracement

    The Fibonacci retracement is the potential retracement of a financial asset's original move in price.
  6. Financial Analysis

    What is the average range of profit margin for a company in the financial services sector?

    Learn why a company's profit margin is important in analyzing its worth and how companies within the financial services sector ...
  7. Chart Strategy

    In-Neck Pattern

    The in-neck pattern is a two-candle bearish continuation pattern that appears on candlestick charts.
  8. Trading Strategy

    Open Trade Equity (OTE)

    Open Trade Equity (OTE) is the amount of equity in an open contract.
  9. Chart Strategy

    Counterattack Lines

    The counterattack lines pattern is a two-candle reversal pattern that appears on candlestick charts.
  10. Chart Strategy

    Upside/Downside Gap Three Methods

    The gap three methods is a three-candle reversal pattern that appears on candlestick charts.
  11. Financial Analysis

    How do I calculate the dividend payout ratio from an income statement?

    Understand the dividend payout ratio, how it differs from the dividend yield and how it can be calculated from a company's ...
  12. Financial Analysis

    Who are Intel's (INTC) main competitors?

    Explore Intel's many competitors in its six operating segments. Explore different niche companies and companies that compete ...
  13. Chart Strategy

    Matching Low

    The matching low is a two-candle bullish reversal pattern that appears on candlestick charts.
  14. Stocks

    FTC Demands Could Threaten Linde-Praxair Merger

    The FTC has a new threshold for asset sales in a merger that would create the largest gases supplier.
  15. Chart Strategy

    Up/Down Gap Side-by-Side White Lines

    The side by side white lines pattern is a three-candle continuation pattern that occurs in candlestick charts.
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