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  1. Markets & Economy

    How important are seasonal trends in the automotive sector?

    The automotive industry has some definite seasonal trends, with peak demand occurring in the spring and fall, and lowest ...
  2. Financial Analysis

    What is RiskMetrics in Value at Risk (VaR)?

    The aim of RiskMetrics is promoting and improving the transparency of market risks, creating a benchmark for measuring risk ...
  3. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    What are the basic requirements to qualify for a payday loan?

    Payday loans are designed to be quick and easy and, generally, have very limited qualification loan requirements.
  4. Financial Analysis

    How do operating expenses affect profit?

    The relationship between operating expenses and profit can be seen most directly when looking at operating profit, or the ...
  5. Financial Analysis

    How is accounting in the United States different from international accounting?

    GAAP is considered to be rules-based, where rules are made for specific cases and do not necessarily represent a larger principle. ...
  6. Mutual Funds

    What did Warren Buffett mean when he said, “Diversification is protection against ignorance. It makes little sense if you know what you are doing.”

    Diversification is a portfolio theory rooted in the idea that anyone who puts all his or her money in one company or industry ...
  7. Financial Analysis

    How is implied volatility used in the Black-Scholes formula?

    Implied volatility is a measure of the estimation of the future variability for the asset underlying the option contract.
  8. High Net Worth Strategy

    A Hostile Takeover vs. Friendly Takeover

    Most takeovers are friendly, but hostile takeovers and activist campaigns have become more popular lately with the risk of ...
  9. Financial Analysis

    How do I evaluate whether a company is a good acquisition candidate?

    Evaluate whether a company is a good acquisition candidate by analyzing its price, debt load, litigation, and financial statements.
  10. Investing

    The Importance of a Trade Plan

    Treat your trading like a business, always knowing why you buy and sell.
  11. Investing

    Post-IPO Pricing

    Once a stock IPOs, a predictable series of liquidity events can strike in the first quarter.
  12. Investing

    Direct Listings

    New NYSE regulations let bigger companies do direct listings. The approach has its own set of pros and cons.
  13. Investing

    IPO Valuation

    There’s a big difference between fundamental valuation, supply & demand, and what’s written on the ‘first trade’ ticket.
  14. Investing

    IPO Process

    An IPO isn’t a single moment. It’s a sequence of movements performed by an orchestra of players.
  15. Investing

    Designated Market Makers

    DMMs are unique to the New York Stock Exchange. Here’s how they manage IPOs and liquidity events.