George D. Lambert

George D. Lambert

George D. Lambert designs and presents seminars on retirement planning, pre-divorce financial planning for women and charitable giving.

He has worked as a volunteer on the planned giving committee of several not-for-profit organizations, including the Adam Walsh Foundation and Northwood University.

George earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (summa cum laude) from Northwood University in West Palm Beach, Florida. In addition, he has taken specialized courses in employment and security arbitration, expert witness testimony and pre-divorce financial planning.

He has designed training programs for financial advisors and serves on the board of directors of The Society of Certified Retirement Financial Advisors.

As a freelance writer, George has written for a variety of clients, including financial institutions, financial publishers, marketing companies and educational providers. The scope of his writing ranges from financial book reviews, to white papers and online course development and instruction.

He recently completed his second nonfiction book, "A Boomers Guide To Long-Term Care".

George has also been active in martial arts for the past 21 years. He is the senior martial arts instructor at The Martial Arts Center of Jupiter, a board member of the International Shaolin Kempo Karate Association and a member of Team USA International Martial Arts. In 2006, he represented the USA at the Pan-Caribbean International Championship in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

George lives in Jupiter, Florida with his wife, Linda, and son, Corey.

If you have questions about George's articles, please check his blog ( before emailing him.

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  1. High Net Worth Strategy

    Declining An Inheritance

    Inheriting assets isn't always a good thing. Here's what to do if you want to disclaim them.
  2. Bonds / Fixed Income

    Callable CDs: Read the Fine Print Before Investing

    Learn about callable certificates of deposit (CDs) and how they offer higher yield returns than regular certificates of deposit, ...
  3. Life Insurance

    A Look at Single-Premium Life Insurance

    Want to provide for your dependents and finance your own long-term care with one policy? Consider single-premium life insurance.
  4. Managing Wealth

    An Introduction to Reverse Convertible Notes (RCNs)

    When stocks are stagnant and fixed-income yields are crumbling, RCNs can benefit investors.
  5. Retirement Savings

    How IRA Contributions Affect Your Taxes

    Learn how to work with the tax man to avoid getting gouged when you convert your plans.
  6. Investing Strategy

    Rolling Over Company Stock: A Decision To Think Twice About

    Learn how it may be more beneficial for you to pay tax now than deferring it to an IRA. We show you how and why.
  7. Mutual Funds

    Using Mutual Funds to Profit From Market Dips

    Stop hoping for the indexes to go up and start investing in mutual funds that do well in dips.
  8. Mutual Funds

    Is Your Mutual Fund Safe?

    You might be carrying more risk than you think if your fund invests in derivatives.
  9. Managing Wealth

    Why Your Will Should Name Designated Beneficiaries

    Find out how to make the tough decisions when it comes to choosing beneficiaries for your will.
  10. FA Profession

    Build A Wall Around Your Assets

    Learn how to protect your money from lawsuits, creditors and other judgment proceedings.
  11. Trading Strategy

    Introduction to Margin Accounts

    Find out what your broker is doing with your securities when you invest on margin.
  12. Retirement Savings

    Watch Your Back In The Annuity Game

    Find out how to get the upper hand when dealing with this payout challenge.
  13. Retirement Savings

    Immediate Annuities: More Income and Lower Taxes

    These instruments may shed their bad rap to bring you a hefty tax break.
  14. Are Your Bank Deposits Insured?

    Learn how the FDIC is helping to keep your money in your pockets.
  15. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Profit From Mortgage Debt With MBS

    Mortgage-backed securities can offer monthly income, a fixed interest rate and even government backing.
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