Financial writer and commentator


Denison University


  • Worked as a writer for the financial market since 1997
  • Over nine years of experience as a commentator on several financial podcasts and radio shows
  • Editor of a weekly investing newsletter for more than two years


For more than 20 years, Ken Shreve has shared his expertise and advised investors through the print, online, radio, and podcast formats. His focuses cover investing strategy, dollar-cost averaging, sector pitfalls, business, and finance, as well as fundamental and technical analysis. Ken has spent 12 years at, as a writer for Investor's Business Daily. He is also a regular contributor to Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq, RealClearMarkets, AutoSuccess Magazine, Investopedia, and

Ken hosted the podcast The Week Ahead, where he reported on upcoming earnings and other market news. He was also the host of Breakout Investing and the Growth Stocks segment of the Tom O'Brien Show, which appears on the Tiger University TFNN network. His work is still available on YouTube and at

As an editor for the TFNN Ultimate Growth Stocks newsletter, Ken provided insight about stocks across many sectors, with a focus on technical indicators that foretold large directional moves.


Ken earned his Bachelor of Arts in English and creative writing at Denison University.