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NYU's Stern School of Business, Tufts University

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  • Expert in commodities and global resource hedge risk management
  • Portfolio manager of the largest fund-of-fund devoted to global resources and commodities for Union Bancaire Prive
  • Formed and ran an energy-focused macro hedge fund (G3 Capital Management)


Shelley Goldberg is an investment advisor in environmental sustainability and the founder and principal of Invest-With-Purpose. Having structured and managed portfolios for over 20 years, she now runs a consultancy and investment advisory practice with an embedded ESG focus. She has served as a macroeconomic strategist, trader, and investment advisor for multi-asset portfolio managers, including her own energy fund, G3 Capital Partners LLC, and the largest fund-of-funds devoted to natural resources with Swiss private bank, Union Bancaire Priveé.

She served as an investments strategist for Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP, a 42 billion-dollar hedge fund, and for Roubini Global Economics. Today she takes on leadership roles in impact investing with the goal of monetizing developments in environmental sustainability. She publishes frequently on resource sustainability topics and is often invited to speak or participate in panels at industry conferences. She is featured on television and online forums as an expert in commodities and impact investing.


Shelley received her bachelor's degree in from Tufts University and earned her MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business.

Quote from Shelley Goldberg

"My goal is to make the world a cleaner and healthier planet for all its inhabitants and to discover hidden value by monetizing both the natural and man-made assets that contribute to this initiative."