Baruch College


  • 3+ years of experience as a business analyst
  • Freelance editorial intern at Investopedia
  • Holds several certifications in finance, programming, and marketing


Daniel Jonas has more than three years of experience as a business analyst and has been a freelance editorial intern at Investopedia since 2018. He works as a healthcare analyst at Baruch Investment Management Group (IMG). IMG is an association of Baruch College students who manage portfolios and provide members with technical expertise and leadership skills. The members go on to represent a select group of firms in the financial sector.

Before his time with IMG, Daniel was an analyst and portfolio impact team member at Thrive Capital, a venture capital investment firm. He has also held the position of sales manager at Comeet, a software and resource company, and a business development intern at the communications firm, IDT Corporation.

Daniel is also a freelance editorial intern at Investopedia. During his time here he has written several articles with a focus on U.S. stocks and companies, investing strategy and insight, and people in the financial news.

Daniel holds certifications in Excel for finance, Bloomberg market concepts, Python programming, and Google AdWords–mobile advertising. He is proficient at public speaking and enjoys sharing his insights.


 Daniel graduated from Baruch College with a bachelor's degree in finance.