Theresa W. Carey

Theresa W. Carey

  • • Author of 23 comprehensive reviews of online brokers for Barron's. Wrote one of the first reviews of online brokers for PC Magazine in 1992
  • • Currently the Brokerage and Investing expert contributor for Investopedia. Theresa is a frequent speaker at investing and trading related conferences on trends in online brokerage
  • • Graduate of the University of California, Berkeley (B.A. Economics) and the University of Santa Clara (M.S. Applied Economics, awarded with distinction)



Theresa is a former contributing editor to Barron's, authoring the Electronic Investor / Digital Investor column from 1995-2018. She is a longtime contributor to numerous technology publications including PC Magazine, PC World, Computer Shopper, Windows Sources, PC Week / eWeek, and others.


Theresa received her Bachelors from the University of California Berkeley and earned her Master's Degree in Applied Economics from the University of Santa Clara.

Quote from Theresa

"My focus over the nearly three decades I have spent writing about financial technology has been helping my readers get past the flashy advertisements and dig into the nitty-gritty of what is on offer."

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  1. Brokerages

    How Does Robinhood Make Money?

    Robinhood, which bills itself as a disruptive force in the online brokerage industry, launched to the public in 2014 as a ...
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    Best Investment Apps

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    When choosing an online broker, day traders place a premium on speed, reliability, and low cost.
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    Acorns Review

    The Acorns app lets beginning savers hoard money like squirrels: caching the small change from everyday purchases and turning ...
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    How to Open an Online Brokerage Account

    You’ve decided that it’s time to jump into the markets, and after perusing all your options, have chosen a broker. Before ...
  7. Broker Comparisons

    Betterment vs. Wealthfront

    Tax-loss harvesting, automatic re-balancing and lots of calculators. On the surface, there are many similarities between ...
  8. Broker Comparisons

    Best Brokers for Roth IRAs in 2018

    If the kind of Individual Retirement Account you choose is a Roth, you've already made some important decisions.
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    Lending Club Communication Causes Distress

    The problem? I don't have a Lending Club account.
  10. Brokerages

    The Online Broker Race to Zero Fees

    With JPMorgan's launch of commission-free trading, the race to zero fees among the biggest online brokers has intensified. ...
  11. Brokerages

    Interactive Brokers Eliminates $10,000 Account Minimum

    The longtime leader in low-cost trading, Interactive Brokers has eliminated its $10,000 account minimum.
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    Best Brokers for IRAs

    IRAs are a great investment vehicle for retirement. Picking the right broker is important to reach your retirement goals. ...
  13. Broker Comparisons

    Best Web Trading Platform

    There are still advantages to trading on a website, primarily that more tools and research capabilities can easily fit on ...
  14. Best for X

    Best Brokers for Trading International Stocks

    For investors who want to trade directly in instruments traded in markets outside the U.S., a small subset of online brokers ...
  15. Broker Comparisons

    Best Online Brokers for Options Trading 2018

    Options trading has become extremely popular with retail investors over the past 15 years. The key to this growth is that ...
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