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Winthrop University


Credit, Identity Theft, Debt

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  • 19+ years of experience as a credit expert, author, and speaker
  • Founder of and
  • Expert on credit reporting, credit scoring, identity theft, budgeting, and debt eradication


Michelle Black is a firm believer that everyone deserves a second chance (or even a twentieth chance for that matter), especially when it comes to credit and financial mistakes. This is one of many reasons why her career in the credit industry turned out to be a perfect fit. Since she was a little girl Michelle has loved to write and create stories. In 2002, Michelle was fortunate to find her way into a career which presented an opportunity to help people who had experienced financial problems and were consequently suffering the effects of damaged credit.

Michelle originally had planned to be a Spanish interpreter, so this unforeseen change of course in her career path turned out to be a pleasant surprise, one which happily allowed her to embrace her love of writing as well. In Michelle's experience consumers can overcome financial adversity when given the correct tools and information. Through her work with credit-challenged consumers, she became an enthusiastic student, devouring every piece of reliable information available on the subjects of credit reporting, credit scoring, credit improvement, credit risk, and much more. Michelle has been fortunate to participate in numerous intensive credit training programs and seminars throughout the past decade and a half. She has been certified as a credit expert over a dozen times. During her 19+ years working in the credit industry she has never stopped studying the subject of credit.

Teaching others how to properly manage their credit is one of Michelle's favorite things to do. She enjoys writing credit education articles, speaking at events, and creating videos which share the secrets of earning better credit and building a better life. Michelle loves to create original, reliable credit content for companies that share her desire to educate others about the value of working hard to earn great credit.


Michelle earned her bachelor's degree in Spanish with a minor in French and history at Winthrop University.

Quote from Michelle Lambright Black

"You can never clean up all of the mess in the world, but you can always help to pull someone else out of the mess."