• 25+ years of experience as a full-time trader
  • Runs own live trading room called Hit the Bid, which teaches his users the highs and lows of day trading
  • Has been featured on Yahoo Finance and The Wall Street Journal


Kenny Glick has been trading since 1994. A frequent day trader, Kenny has been vocal in his support for the day trading community. His trading style mixes highly actionable, short trades with controlled risk management. Active (and profitable) through both the 2000 and 2008 financial downturns, Kenny now splits his time between trading and teaching others to trade, through recorded and live video.

Kenny's style of trading instills discipline in his students, which is something most lack. Unlike anyone in this industry, he offers free access to his website in order to his demonstrate tactics so any new prospective clients can get a true idea if what he does to fits their needs.


Kenny received his bachelor's degree from Brooklyn College.

Quote from Kenny Glick

"Most traders know what they are doing wrong, I help to remind them everyday to avoid those mistakes and focus on what works. I feel rewarded when I've helped someone become a profitable trader."