James McWhinney

James McWhinney

  • • 25+ year of experience as a full-time communications professional
  • • Extensive background in financial services, working for some of the nation's largest mutual fund companies and banks
  • • Writes about finance, food, and travel for a variety of publications and websites


A communications professional since 1992, James followed his passion for investing and has focused his career primarily on financial services since 1996. In addition to a series of roles of increasing responsibility, leading up to management positions, he has maintained an active freelance writing practice for select clients. He is a long-tenured contributor to Investopedia.

James has had a front-row seat as an industry observer witnessing the rise of the defined-contribution industry and the resulting transfer of responsibility from employers to employees for personal financial wellbeing. This has resulted in a deep personal in helping investors learn about finance and investing.


James received his double major Bachelor of Arts in Professional and Creative Writing from Carnegie Mellon University, and earned his Master of Journalism at Temple University.

Quote from James

"Understanding how to manage your finances and investments have become essential components of modern life."

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  1. FA Profession

    If The Bull is Still Running, Why Diversify?

    In a bull market environment, efforts by financial advisors to talk to their clients about diversification often falls on ...
  2. Mutual Funds

    Dollar-Cost Averaging: Keep Your Costs Even in Any Market

    Get the most out of your mutual fund by using this simple yet powerful strategy: dollar-cost averaging.
  3. Small Business

    Franchise vs. Startup: Which Way to Go

    For you, self-employment is definitely the name of the game. But which route is better: opening a franchise or starting a ...
  4. Investing

    Are Your Clients Moving Away from Value Investing?

    Experienced investors are questioning value investing as a strategy, and many beginners have abandoned it completely in favor ...
  5. Mutual Funds

    Open Your Eyes To Closed-End Funds

    Although less popular than their open-ended counterparts, these investment vehicles are worth a second look.
  6. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    How Does CareCredit Work?

    Healthcare credit cards can help you handle hefty medical bills. A closer look at CareCredit, the largest card provider, ...
  7. ETFs

    Active vs. Passive ETF Investing

    Active or passive ETF investing? Find out which one is for you.
  8. Mortgage Rates

    Mortgages: Fixed Rate vs. Adjustable Rate

    Both fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages have advantages and disadvantages, depending on your financial needs and prospects. ...
  9. ETFs

    Pros & Cons of Bond Funds vs. Bond ETFs

    Understanding the pros and cons of bond funds and bond ETFs will help you choose the instrument that is best for building ...
  10. Crime & Fraud

    Identity Theft: What to Do, Who To Call

    If your identity is stolen, it's critical to act fast. Find out what to do if it happens and who to call.
  11. Real Estate

    To Rent Or To Buy? The Financial Issues

    Thinking of buying a home? There are several things you should consider before purchasing a home. For example, look at the ...
  12. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    The Benefits of Mortgage Repayment

    Buying a home may be the biggest debt you'll ever incur. Learn the benefits to having a mortgage repayment plan and find ...
  13. Tax Deductions / Credits

    Tax Deductions on Mortgage Interest

    If you're a homeowner, this is one item you want to understand and use on your return.
  14. Retirement Savings

    How to Make Your Own Retirement Fund

    Making sure you have a large enough nest egg to retire on is a challenge. Here's how to accomplish the task, one step at ...
  15. Investing Strategy

    How Do You Use Stock Simulators?

    Stock market simulators let you pick securities, make trades and track the results, all without risking a penny. Learn more ...
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