National Technical University - Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute


  • Entrepreneur who has founded, or co-founded, several leading software businesses
  • Experienced consultant with 5+ years of experience in business and software development and technical analysis
  • Freelance writer for trade publications, such as Trade2Win and Traders Tips


Dima has founded, or co-founded, several software businesses, including Softerra in 1999, Alyuda Research Inc. in 2002, Scorto Corporation in 2004, and Turnkey Lender in 2014.

At Softerra, a customizable directory and identity management software, he acted as the business and software development director. In 2002, Dima founded Alyuda Research Company and developed the Tradecision trading and data analysis software. The system uses neural-network technology, inspired and built to mimic the functioning of the human brain and nervous system. More than 500 businesses worldwide use the Tradecision software.

Scorto Corporation, founded in 2004, develops automated credit, fraud detection, and risk management software. Dima was vice president and current board of directors member at Scorto.

He is the CEO of his newest company, Turnkey, a maker of lending software. Dima has over five years of experience working as a consultant and in business development. He specializes in technical analysis, neural networks, and financial modeling and forecasting. Using his experience as a consultant, he writes for trade publications, such as Trader's Laboratory and Trade2Win. He an authority on neural networks, and many sites such as Yahoo Finance,, repost and cite his work.


Dima earned his Doctor of Philosophy in artificial intelligence from the National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute."