Jonas Elmerraji

Jonas Elmerraji

  • • Editor of the Rhino Stock Report, a Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) investment newsletter
  • • Frequent contributor to
  • • Regularly writes for Entrepreneur 


Jonas Elmerraji is the editor of the Rhino Stock Report, a new GARP investment newsletter now in free BETA. Elmerraji is a regular contributor to, where he writes weekly technical analysis and commentary focusing on large cap stocks and as well as the broad market in general.

Elmerraji launched the "Young Investor" category for Investopedia, where he composed numerous investor education articles. Since 2009, he joined Agora Financial, as a financial data scientist, where he was responsible for translate cutting-edge quantitative research into actionable trading ideas for subscribers. There, he also developed and maintained trading systems and manages the equity and option portfolios that fell under these products.


Jonas has earned a Bachelor of Science in Financial Economics at the University of Maryland and is currently pursuing a Graduate Degree in Data Mining and Applications from Stanford University.

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    When Good People Write Bad Checks

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    5 must-have metrics for value investors

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    Should You Manage Your Friends Money?

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    Tips for Managing Your Portfolio Before Turning 30

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    Sneaky Subsidiary Tricks Can Cloud Financials

    Use consolidated financial statements to uncover a parent company's true performance.
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    Navigating Government and Nonprofit Financials

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    An Introduction to Buying a Condominium

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  12. Real Estate

    Does Condo Life Suit You?

    Association fees and disputes with neighbors could spoil your move if you're unprepared.
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    Analyze Investments Quickly With Ratios

    Make informed decisions about your investments with these easy equations.
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    Get Organized With An Investment Analysis Form

    Your research will be easy if you compile all the decision-making information you need.
  15. Virtual Currency

    Stock School: Student-Managed Investment Plans

    Student-managed investment funds offer future investment professionals a chance to manage real money while earning their ...
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