Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith has been a professional writer for nearly two decades. He has worked for many of the nation's top mutual fund providers and banks in addition to numerous magazines, websites and other publications. He specializes in financial services and travel, and is currently the head of communications for a large mutual fund company.

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  1. Investing Strategy

    Is Your Money Safer in the Market or Held as Cash?

    Pulling your money out of the market may help you sleep at night, but is it a smart move to go to an all-cash position for ...
  2. FA Profession

    How To Become A Self-Taught Finance Expert

    A wealth of information is at your fingertips, and getting started is easy.
  3. Trading Strategy

    Stimulate Your Skills With Simulated Trading

    Think you can beat the Street? We'll show you how to test your abilities without losing your shirt.
  4. Bonds / Fixed Income

    The Treasury And The Federal Reserve

    Find out how these two agencies create policies to manage the economy and keep it on an even keel.
  5. Bonds / Fixed Income

    All About Zero Coupon Bonds

    Everythinng you always wanted to know about these debt instruments, which pay no interest until maturity.
  6. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    What's Your Net Worth Telling You?

    Net worth provides a road map for retirement - learn if you're headed in the right direction.
  7. Brokerages

    What Is a Broker-Dealer and Why Should You Care?

    Before deciding who to use for help with your investing, learn what brokers, dealers, and broker-dealers are and what services ...
  8. Mutual Funds

    Investing in Leisure Funds

    If you thought investing and leisure don't go together, think again. Find out more here.
  9. Mutual Funds

    Consider Prime Rate Funds for More Income

    Prime rate funds may give you the reliable stream of income you need when you're retired.
  10. Investing

    Women: Invest In Your Financial Literacy

    Learning about money may seem intimidating, but it's not as hard as it looks.
  11. Mutual Funds

    Liquidation Blues: When Mutual Funds Close

    Underperforming mutual funds can be liquidated, leaving investors down and out.
  12. Investing Strategy

    How Money Market Funds Got Safer With Rule 2a-7

    Money market funds are traditionally 'safe' investments—but Rule 2a-7 made them a bit safer.
  13. Investing Strategy

    Tracking volatility

    When market volatility spikes or stalls, the VIX (the CBOE Volatility Index) is a benchmark index designed to track S&P ...
  14. Markets & Economy

    Does High GDP Mean Economic Prosperity?

    GDP is the typical indicator used to measure a country's economic health. Find out what it fails to reveal and how GPI can ...
  15. Investing Strategy

    The Auction Method: How NYSE Stock Prices are Set

    Find out how the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), runs an auction process known as open outcry to set stock prices during ...
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