Pooja Dave

Pooja Dave is a creative writer who started her scribbling career in fiction before joining Investopedia as a financial writer. Her short stories have been featured in a U.K.-based local magazine, Chill-Out.

This India-based, budding writer is also an accomplished poet, and has published many of her poems in e-zines. In addition, Dave did a short stint as a ghostwriter for a television script. She has also lent her skills to a legal office by creating business letters and drafting litigation cases.

Apart from studying insurance planning, Pooja likes to watch soccer. She roots for Kaka of Brazil, David Beckham and Zidane of France, but dislikes Materazzi of Italy. A self-confessed fan of Perry Mason, Pooja adores mysteries and suspense novels such as those by Jeffery Archer, Sidney Sheldon and Dan Brown. For a change, she also reads a lot of spiritual and philosophical books. Pooja is also an aspiring photographer.

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  1. FA Relevant

    Permanent Life Policies: Whole vs. Universal

    If you're looking for life-long security, choosing between these two is the key.
  2. Real Estate

    Saving Your Home From Foreclosure

    Learn the tactics you can use to prevent your home from being repossessed.
  3. Career / Compensation

    Insure Your Future with a Career as an Actuary

    If you've got excellent math skills, they can add up to a lucrative career as an actuary.
  4. Insurance

    Understanding Your Insurance Contract

    Learn how to read one of the most important documents you own.
  5. Insurance

    Exploring Advanced Insurance Contract Fundamentals

    Understanding your contract can help you protect our family's financial security.
  6. Insurance

    Will Insurance Keep Your Business Safe?

    Skilled employees are key to a successful business. Find out how to avoid a financial setback if they leave.
  7. Insurance

    Protect Your Kids And Pets With Custom Insurance

    Find out how to protect those you love the most with specialized policies.
  8. Financial Analysis

    Avoiding Foreclosure Scams

    If you want to save your home, avoid bogus offers and take matters into your own hands.
  9. FA Profession

    Variable Vs. Variable Universal Life Insurance

    Do you know why you might need one policy versus the other? Read on to find out.
  10. Life Insurance

    Life Insurance: How To Get the Most Out Of Your Policy

    There are many benefits to owning a life insurance policy - if you get the right one for you.
  11. Disability Insurance

    The Disability Insurance Policy: Now In English

    Learn to translate this complicated policy so you can rest assured you're covered.
  12. Life Insurance

    Life Insurance Clauses Determine Your Coverage

    Understanding these key parts of your policy will help you to ensure that your family will be covered.
  13. Health Insurance

    What You Need To Know About Student Health Insurance

    Before heading off to college, read up on health insurance plans.
  14. Life Insurance

    When Things Go Awry, Insurers Get Reinsured

    Guru Warren Buffett is making this sector popular. Learn more here.
  15. High Net Worth Strategy

    Protect Your Company From Employee Lawsuits

    Understanding employment practices liability insurance is easy, once you know the basics.
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