Daniel McNulty

Daniel McNulty graduated from Washburn University with a BBA in Finance and Economics with honors. He has long been exposed to the financial markets and deals primarily with portfolio strategy topics. McNulty says he admires the lives and works of Gaius Julius Caesar, Rene Descartes and Marcus Aurelius.

Daniel McNulty's research preferences tend to slant towards more theoretical topics. He would one day like to reengineer current derivative models to more accurately reflect real-world prices.

McNulty spends the majority of his free time reading books on financial topics and making financial models.

McNulty has a website, http://Dann.McNulty.Googlepages.com/, where he posts short articles, sector and individual stock analysis, has tools available to download and keeps a collection of helpful links.

  1. Investing

    Game Theory: Beyond the Basics

    Take your game theory knowledge to the next level by learning about the Nash Equilibrium.
  2. Managing Wealth

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    3 Bonds You May Have Never Heard Of

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    Bettering Your Portfolio With Alpha And Beta

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    Adding Alpha Without Adding Risk

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    Why Hedge Funds Love Distressed Debt

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    A Disaster-Protection Plan For Your Portfolio

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  12. Financial Analysis

    Financial Forecasting: The Bayesian Method

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  13. Markets & Economy

    The Basics Of Game Theory

    Break down and examine the potential consequences of economic/financial scenarios.