Retired Chief Investment Strategist


Washburn University

Company Info

Goldman Sachs


  • Freelance financial writer since retiring from the financial services industry
  • Began writing for Investopedia in 2012
  • Taught undergraduate business and finance classes at Washburn University


Daniel McNulty, now retired, had many years of experience in the financial services industry. He now fills his time reading about financial topics, building abstract financial models, and writing articles. Daniel is interested in digging down into research on stock analysis and financial theories

He began writing for Investopedia in 2012. His work includes articles on financial analysis and advising, investing and asset allocation, and trading strategies. Seen as an expert in technical analysis, you will see his work referenced in books, case studies, journal articles, and in other research. His Investopedia work reposts on Forbes,, and through syndication on Yahoo.

During his career, Daniel worked as the chief investment strategist with Goldman Sachs. After his retirement, Daniel returned to his alma mater, where he taught an undergraduate business and finance course. Daniel says he admires the lives and the works of Gaius Julius Caesar, Rene Descartes, and Marcus Aurelius.


Daniel earned his Bachelor of Business Administration with honors in finance and economics at Washburn University.