Stephanie Barton

Stephanie Barton

  • • 15+ years of experience as a freelance editor and writer covering a wide range of topics for numerous industries
  • • Recognized in industry journals such as PC Magazine
  • • Placed stories with The New York Times, the CBS Early Show, and other regional media outlets, which resulted in tripling the agency’s income


Stephanie has over 15 years of experience as an editor and writer. As a writer, her content in the business sphere includes articles on business culture, leadership theory, and ethics, energy and the environment, income taxes, securities trading, and cryptocurrency. Stephanie also writes extensively in politics, medicine and healthcare, sports marketing, and fine art. She excels at all format types, ranging from corporate training manuals to personal memoirs.

As an editor, Stephanie specializes in both developmental and substantive editing. “I like making complex topics easier to grasp and [enjoy] bringing out the color in the content,” says Stephanie.

With boundless curiosity, and equal acumen, Stephanie has hit the local bar scene to rate cocktails for; produced press releases for United Way/American Lung Association, test-driven a Porsche Boxster for a European lifestyle magazine, and edited annual reports for the Credit Union of Colorado. Safe to say that, in sourcing content, Stephanie is as comfortable cultivating relationships with government officials as with wedding planners. In addition to her freelance work with individual authors, Stephanie currently works for John Wiley and Sons as a project editor; and for SAGE publishing as a developmental editor to guide authors in preparing manuscripts for the SAGE Digital Business Case Library.


Stephanie received her Bachelor of Arts from Pomona College, and earned her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

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