George Washington University, Saint Lawrence University


  • 30+ years of investment management experience
  • Established her own financial advisory business
  • Co-founder of venture capital fund aimed at supporting women-owned businesses


Stephanie Loiacono has more than 30 years of investment management experience. She is a chartered financial analyst and has worked as a bond and equity analyst, chief investment officer for a trust company with $60 million in assets under management, and consultant to the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Stephanie was also the co-founder of a venture capital fund that invested in women-owned businesses. Her writing focuses on issues that affect women in business, investing, and finance.

Stephanie established her own advisory business in 2002. Her work centers on financial writing and financial sector development around the world. In addition to Investopedia, her clients include the U.S. Treasury Department, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, the Emerging Markets Group, Harbinger Research and Cronus Capital Markets. Previously, she served as chief investment officer for a private investment firm and as co-founder of a venture capital fund targeting women entrepreneurs.


Stephanie has a degree in political science from Saint Lawrence University and a master’s degree in international relations from George Washington University.