William Artzberger

William Artzberger

  • • 10+ years in financial services
  • • Earned the right to use the CFA designation in 2004
  • • Contributing writer to Investopedia.com from 2007 to 2012



Bill's expertise is in investments and analysis financial advising. He began his career at Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management in Los Angeles as an operations associate. After returning to Houston, he spent a little over five years at Kanaly Trust Company, where he joined as an equities trader and then became an investment officer and portfolio manager. Bill has written articles on investments, financial management and budgeting, passing the CFA exam, and using the CFA Charter. He also wrote an article on the imminent initial public offering of Facebook in 2012. He spent a little over seven years as owner and operator of League City STC before eventual joining Edward Jones as a Financial Advisor in 2016.


Bill received his master's degree in finance from Rice University.

Quote from Bill

"Everyone deserves to be financially successful and informed."

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