Richard Cloutier

Richard Cloutier

Richard Cloutier, Jr., CFA, is currently the director of research and a portfolio manager with Heritage Capital Management Inc. Founded in 1981, Heritage Capital Management Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wainwright Bank & Trust Company. Heritage manages equities, fixed income and balanced portfolios for individuals, families, trusts, corporations and endowments. Its objective is to provide clients with competitive performance results, minimal risk and personalized service.

Richard has 18 years of investment experience and holds an MBA from Boston University. He has previously served as the director of research at Wingate Financial Group, as an equity analyst at Common Ground Investments and as an equity and fixed-income trader at Fidelity Investments. He is a member of the Boston Security Analysts Society, the CFA Institute, Academy Health's Health Economics Interest Group and the Social Science Research Network. He is the author of the novel "Caveat Emptor" (2003).

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