Mark P. Cussen, CFP®, CMFC, AFC

Mark P. Cussen, CFP®, CMFC, AFC

  • • CFP®, CMFC, AFC, and have 13 years of experience as a financial writer
  • • Completed Online Trading Academy, basic course, options and futures trading



Mark has worked in all segments of the financial industry; from investment management to mortgage loan origination, life insurance and annuities, financial planning and income tax preparation. He currently works with the U.S. military, helping service members to transition financially into civilian life and in other capacities. Mark has a breadth of experience that is not very common in the industry, which has come in handy in his current job. Mark also still sells life insurance and annuities on the side.


Mark received his Bachelor's from the University of Kansas with a degree in English.

Awards and Designations

Mark has professional Designations as a Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor, and Accredited Financial Counselor

Quote from Mark

"I very much enjoy helping my clients to achieve their financial goals. I love to show clients all of the resources that are available to them that can help them to save time and money and improve their investment returns."

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    5 Common Misconceptions About ETFs

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    Why the 4% Rule No Longer Works for Retirees

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    The History Of Unions In The United States

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    How to Reduce Your Taxes and AGI by Giving to Charity

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    Accredited Financial Counselor: An Introduction

    This designation is highly relevant as it allows you to help the middle and lower-income population in America.
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    A Guide To Financial Designations

    Even the lesser designations can help advisors to better assist their clients, if only in specific areas.
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    Why a 60/40 Portfolio Is No Longer Good Enough

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