John Jagerson

John Jagerson

John Jagerson has worked in the capital markets and private equity for most of his career, including investing, writing and money management. He currently manages a registered CTA and contributes to, the companion site to the book "Profiting With Forex" by John Jagerson and S. Wade Hansen.

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  1. Commodities

    Predicting Gold's Breakouts

    Gold prices dropped below support on Friday as buyers finally gave up on prospects of higher prices.
  2. Markets & Economy

    The ECB Just Crushed Emerging Markets

    The European Central Bank (ECB) released its monetary policy statement on Thursday. The euro sold off, which is very bad ...
  3. Virtual Currency

    Is the Bitcoin Bubble Finally Over?

    Evidence that bitcoin's amazing 2017 rally was artificial may explain its poor performance this year.
  4. Markets & Economy

    Can Emerging Markets Dodge an Emerging Disaster?

    Emerging market currency and stock indexes are dropping fast, and global investors should care whether a crisis can be averted.
  5. Commodities

    Is Oil Signaling a Bullish Turning Point?

    Oil prices have declined the last several days on threats that OPEC may increase production — but does the Brent-WTI spread ...
  6. Stocks

    Will Twitter Head Higher as Part of S&P 500?

    Traders found out that Twitter (TWTR) will be added to the S&P 500 index after the market closed on Monday. Shares were ...
  7. Bonds / Fixed Income

    Is the Bond Bear Market Back on?

    Stocks and interest rates rallied again on Friday as investors celebrated a great jobs report and rising wages.
  8. Stocks

    A Tariff Windfall for Steel? Probably Not.

    Are the announced tariffs on steel from Canada, Mexico and the EU a positive for U.S. industry? The evidence seems hazy.
  9. Commodities

    Wheat Completes Technical Sell Signal

    Wheat prices declined on improving weather reports and fears that President Trump's tariff plans will lead to retaliation.
  10. Stocks

    Turtle Beach (HEAR) Is the Real Fortnite Winner

    Turtle Beach (HEAR) is capitalizing on Fortnite's success with sales of its gaming headphones.
  11. Stocks

    Apple Poised for Another Bullish Breakout

    Apple (AAPL), which is expected to buy back up to 10% of its shares during the next two years, is poised for another bullish ...
  12. Stocks

    Buying the Micron (MU) Rumor Before the Earnings News?

    Micron Technologies (MU) has been climbing higher, but can it continue to soar in the run up to its earnings announcement ...
  13. Markets & Economy

    What the Yen Says About Market Risk

    The yen can be helpful in forecasting investor sentiment because it rises or falls contrary to stocks.
  14. Stocks

    Exploring for Summer Profits in Energy

    Sell in May and go away? Maybe not, if traders know where to look in the energy sector for stocks with upside potential.
  15. Stocks

    Can Whirlpool Remain Durable?

    Tariffs and concerns around Friday's durable goods report could create headwinds for Whirlpool (WHR).
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