Amy Fontinelle

Amy Fontinelle

  • • 10+ years of experience writing personal finance content for clients including Investopedia, Bankrate, mortgage lenders, real estate agents, financial advisors, insurance agents, and more.
  • • 10+ years of experience editing academic papers and articles by professional economists. Managing editor of an economics journal.
  • • Currently writes about real estate, taxes, insurance, blockchain, cryptocurrency, economics, public policy, and more.


Amy Fontinelle is a financial journalist and personal finance expert. She is passionate about making challenging, confusing, and overwhelming topics easy to understand in order to empower people to manage their money better and achieve financial freedom. Amy is also a writer, researcher, copy editor, and proofreader for various public policy organizations, educational organizations, and academic economists. She specializes in working with dense material and with authors who speak English as a second language.


Amy received her Bachelor's from the Washington University in St. Louis.

Quote from Amy

"I believe that anyone can take control of their finances at any time, but it can be hard to know what steps to take or where to turn for trustworthy information. I'm the person who has read the fine print on the credit card applications, reviewed the lengthy tax publications, and researched the complicated mortgage loans so you don't have to. My goal is to simplify personal finance for others because I believe money should be a tool to help you achieve your dreams, not a source of endless stress."

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  1. Retirement Living

    Budgeting for the 4 Phases of Retirement

    Retirement consists of four stages, each with different expenses and different budgeting needs. Here's how to manage your ...
  2. Real Estate

    Top House-Hunting Mistakes

    When buying a home slow down, overcome your emotions and, ultimately, make a home-purchase decision that's good for both ...
  3. Insurance

    Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund

    The Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund is a fund that insures mortgages made by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) on single-family ...
  4. Income Tax

    When to File an IRS Schedule F Form

    If you are a farmer, your business may require you to file a Schedule F with the IRS. Knowing when and how to file the Schedule ...
  5. Taxes

    Who needs to fill out IRS Form Schedule B?

    If you have several investments, there's a good chance you'll need to fill out a IRS Form Schedule B.
  6. Retirement Savings

    What Is a 702(j) Retirement Plan?

    You may have heard that a 702(j) plan is the best-kept secret of billionaires and bankers, but is it right for you? Here ...
  7. Retirement Living

    How to Retire in France

    If that's always been your dream, there actually are affordable ways to retire in France. Some regions to explore and some ...
  8. Crime & Fraud

    How Black Markets Work

    Black markets will continue to exist as long as we have regulations and taxes. Discover how they work and what you can buy ...
  9. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Pros and Cons of Balance Transfers

    Do the math before you assume that transferring your credit card balance to a lower rate card will save money. It could help ...
  10. Crime & Fraud

    The Most Common Types of Consumer Fraud

    Find out how to avoid becoming a victim of consumer fraud by knowing about these common scams.
  11. Banking

    Top 5 Black-Owned Banks in America

    Compared with the nation’s largest bank, JPMorgan Chase, the top 5 black-owned banks in America are tiny, but they can still ...
  12. Retirement Savings

    Fidelity: How Good Are Its Retirement Services?

    Fidelity is one of the leading brokerage firms in the U.S. The company has several retirement plan offerings and services ...
  13. Retirement Savings

    How to Use Your Roth IRA as an Emergency Fund

    Ever feel like you don’t have enough money to save for emergencies and retirement? An often-overlooked feature of the Roth ...
  14. Banking

    Ways to Avoid Getting Burned by Prepaid Debit Cards

    Prepaid debit cards have many differences from traditional debit and credit cards that can cost you money if you don’t know ...
  15. Career / Compensation

    7 Outstanding Female Investors

    Here are seven women who outperform their male counterparts in the business world.
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