Co-founder, CEO, and Managing Partner

Company Info

WarePlai LLC


  • Entrepreneur and co-founder of businesses for over 15 years
  • Published author of several books about forex and futures speculating and trading and a contributor to several financial websites
  • Created a series of video seminars and an online academy to teach trading and speculation in futures, currencies, and commodities


Noble is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience working with a wide range of businesses. He is the co-founder, CEO, and managing partner of WarePlai LLC, a business bringing technology to clothing with patent-pending gamification technology. He is a board member for Music Is Viral LLC, a royalty asset business. His numerous ventures include cellular networks, digital video evolution, and electronic commerce.

Focusing on the futures industry for much of his early career, he founded the firm Liverpool Derivatives Group, where he served as principal until 2008. Noble was then the principal for 2nd Tier Capital and Liverpool Capital Management until 2012. All three businesses worked with clients to trade commodities, futures, and currencies on the FX market.

A cornerstone of Noble's approach to finances is his desire to educate those interested in investing and trading. To that end, he is the author of several books, including Trade Like a Pro, Futures for Small Speculators, Forex for Small Speculators, 3 Easy Steps to Futures and Forex Investing, and Winning the Trading Game. He has developed a series of videos, Speculating with Futures, Currencies, and Traditional Commodities, and is the founder of Speculator Academy.

His writing focus on commodities, futures markets, trading strategies, and forex. He is the former editor of Futures Magazine and a contributor to Forbes, Yahoo Finance, FX Tech Strategy, and Investopedia. Noble has been a guest on Fox Business News, as well as an invited speaker at many events.