Oxford College in South Africa

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ProGro Group


  • 15 years of experience as a forex trader and provides consulting and bookkeeping services for startups and small businesses
  • Author of articles for Investopedia and Forex Journal, a book on trading the forex market for online traders, and a trading guide for Trade Station
  • CEO of ProGro Group, a property development company for regional shopping centers and industrial parks


Selwyn Gishen is an author, consultant, property developer, and forex trader. He currently provides consultation, recruiting services, finance, and bookkeeping services to a variety of companies in the tech industry, yoga and fitness, and real estate industries. He helps startups and small business owners with bookkeeping, as well as implementation of his IDEA to VISION to MISSION program. Selwyn helps connect qualified veterans to businesses seeking talented military personnel. Over the past 35 years, he has been involved with several endeavors that include retail, fast food, jewelry manufacturing, real estate development, and forex trading for high-net-worth individuals in the financial markets.


Selwyn received his associate's degree from Oxford College in South Africa, where he studied finance, business, marketing, and contract law.

Quote from Selwyn M. Gishen

"Most people can search the Internet or read books on 'how-to' information or what successful people have achieved. Very few people know how to do the inner search to learn how to deal with their own emotions, a critical feature when trading financial instruments, for example. My own passion is to find ways to expand consciousness and to help others in their quest for self-mastery. I wrote a book called Mind, which is a spiritual approach to dealing with various life aspects."