Richard has ran the Family Office Club for 12 years and the organization now has the most listened to podcast, the Family Office Podcast, the most visited website (FamilyOffices.com), and some of the most attended investor events globally. Richard helps make the family office industry more efficient by helping those who want to grow relationships with family offices and raise capital, but more importantly he works directly with families in two ways: one, he helps them start and manage their single family offices or leanly operated virtual family offices, and two, he helps families position themselves to consistently source and attract more high quality deal flow which fits their investment strike zone.


Richard received his bachelor's degree in business from Oregon State University and his Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Portland. He has done influence and persuasion master's level courses and thesis work at Harvard University.

Professional Designations

Richard is a Qualified Family Office Professional (QFOP) and a Certified Capital Raising Specialist (CCRS)

Quote from Richard

"I have found that the more I give away that is of genuine consultant-level quality and value the more business friends I attract and the easier it is to grow our influence on our area of focus, family offices."

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