Founder and President


  • 15+ years of experience in the financial services industry.
  • Founder of a wealth and portfolio management business
  • Holds the CFA designation


Thomas G. Smith is founder and president of Thomas Smith and Associates. He works in the capacity of an investment advisor and representative. The firm is a boutique wealth and portfolio management firm created in 2003. Thomas also worked with Testudo Investment LLC until 2013. He became an Investopedia contributor in 2008.

Thomas's work focuses on investing strategies and portfolio management information. An example of his work includes Create Your Own U.S. Equity Portfolio. In this study, Thomas looks at different investor types and the types of assets they tend to purchase. He discusses benchmarks and which are the best for types of investors. Thomas also includes an overview of index funds, sector investing, and how to choose individual stocks.


Thomas holds a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) designation.