Brent Radcliffe

Brent Radcliffe

Brent Radcliffe is a digital analyst with a software company based in the Washington, DC area. He is a graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in International Economics, and minors in both French and International Relations. Radcliffe is a freelance writer covering topics related to economics, trade and investing.

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  1. Crime & Fraud

    Computer Crime Insurance

    Computer crime insurance is an insurance policy that provides protection from crimes committed through the use of a computer ...
  2. Crime & Fraud

    Carding Forum

    A carding forum is an illegal website dedicated to the sharing of stolen credit card numbers.
  3. Cybersecurity

    Cyber And Privacy Insurance

    Cyber And Privacy Insurance provide coverage from losses resulting from a data breach or loss of electronically-stored confidential ...
  4. Cybersecurity

    PIN Cashing

    PIN cashing is a type of cybercrime in which stolen debit or credit card information is used to gain access to bank or credit ...
  5. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Semi-Secured Credit Card

    A semi-secured credit card is marketed to individuals who carry a higher credit risk. It offers credit, but also requires ...
  6. Banking

    Capital Buffer

    A capital buffer is mandatory capital that financial institutions are required to hold in addition to other minimum capital ...
  7. Markets & Economy

    The Basics of Tariffs And Trade Barriers

    Everything you need to know about trade barriers and tariffs, why they are used and their effects on the local economy.
  8. Insurance

    Assailing Thieves

    Assailing Thieves are individuals who are not members of a ship's crew who steal a ship’s cargo by threatening violence.
  9. Insurance

    Developed To Net Premiums Earned

    Developed To Net Premiums Earned is the ratio of developed premiums to net premiums earned over a given time period.
  10. Insurance

    Spot Reinsurance

    Spot Reinsurance is a reinsurance agreement that covers a single peril.
  11. Insurance

    Associate In Surplus Lines Insurance (ASLI)

    Associate In Surplus Lines Insurance (ASLI) is a designation earned by insurance professionals involved with surplus lines ...
  12. Financial Analysis

    Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income

    Accumulated other comprehensive income are expenses, gains and losses reported in the equity section of the balance sheet ...
  13. Bonds / Fixed Income

    Money Market Account

    A money market account is an interest-bearing account that typically pays a higher interest rate than a savings account.
  14. Forex & Currencies

    Fiat Money

    Fiat money is currency considered legal tender, but it lacks backing by a physical commodity.
  15. Commodities

    Horizontal Well

    A horizontal well is an oil or gas well that is dug at an angle of at least eighty degrees to a vertical bore.
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