Sal Traina

Salvatore Traina was a financial consultant for 10 years, and has held Series 3, 7, 63 and 65 securities licenses. He was a Board of Trustees member overseeing a multi-million dollar endowment fund, served as Treasurer for a mayoral campaign, hosted an investment radio program, published a newsletter and a guidebook to the financial markets for his clients, wrote for a variety of newspapers and business almanacs, and launched an internship program with local colleges for students majoring in economics and finance. Sal believes the very best investors seem to have three things in common: they are dispassionate about money, they bet big on their best ideas, and they always cut their losses.

Sal is quite passionate about his free time, taking to heart Aristotle's dictum that the purpose of work is to create leisure. He is a voracious reader, has written three novels and several short stories, has practiced martial arts for many years, regularly plays handball, has ridden down and up the side of the Grand Canyon on a mule named Razzle, zip-lined through the jungles of Costa Rica, and, in 2007, he went mountain climbing with his son to celebrate his child's forthcoming marriage.

His motto is: "We need to take money seriously because of human nature. As we multiply our desires we divide our lives, add to our work, and subtract from our time. Building wealth changes that equation because wealth equals time. Time that can be spent as one chooses. And as often as I can, I choose leisure."