Contributor of Investopedia, Writer


Washington University in St. Louis


  • 22+ years of experience as a financial analyst
  • Took up writing in 2007 and has hundreds of articles to his credit
  • Became an Investopedia contributor in 2008


Bruce Allen is a retired financial professional who has more than 22 years of experience in the financial and business world. He began his career in the mid 1980s as he worked with the management team working towards the initial public offering (IPO) of The Wholesale Club, now Sam's Club. Allen worked with as an account manager with Wicks Lumber before moving on to work as a registered representative with AXA Advisors LLC, a financial advisory firm. Allen then left the corporate world as he opened and operated a franchise bakery and café for more than three years.

In 2007, Allen became a writer. He worked as a fantasy basketball columnist with and as a writer and editor with Clear Concept Communications. He then moved on to working as a subpoena analyst with J.P. Morgan Chase for an additional seven years before returning to writing in 2008. Allen now focuses most of his writing hours to articles about motorcycles on and in his blog Dear Mr. BruAl. Allen became an Investopedia contributor in 2008. Here, his topics focused on discussions about economic indicators. You will also see his financial content on Seeking Alpha.


Bruce received a master's degree in natural resources from Michigan State University in 1975. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Washington University in St. Louis.